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  • What is the Point of Church?What is the Point of Church?
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    Here's a new concept - a video designed to END worship services. Be challenged to go out into your world this week be the aroma of Christ to everyone you brush up against. Send this to someone to pass on the chall...
    floodgateproductions2010-10-01T23:31:4538,290 views00:02:06
  • Lean InLean In
    Here's an important welcome announcement, from a church veteran. Everyone in your congregation needs a little warning about what can, and cannot happen in your worship services.

    This video is available for purchase at www.floodgat...
    floodgateproductions2010-10-02T01:27:144,572 views00:02:12
  • Why People Don't Know the Bible, (You'd REVOLT if you did) ~ Part 4 of 5Why People Don't Know the Bible, (You'd REVOLT if you did) ~ Part 4 of 5

    Gene Edwards reveals why The Bible cannot be understood by so many. Are you tired of verses strung together, creating various doctrines and myths? Learn from Gene Edwards who has dedicated his life to the organic, true church. Frank Viola learne...
    deceptionlurks2010-11-04T12:10:03765 views00:10:00
  • Thats my KingThats my King
    .mandyjvd2011-04-01T21:32:4932,558 views00:03:20
  • What Is The Church?What Is The Church?
    Sometimes people in church become spectators. They think church is an event they go to or a building they meet in. This video simply explains the idea that each believer is part of Christ’s body. You are not a spectator - you are the church. Buy ...worshiphousemedia2011-07-05T12:14:3533,463 views00:02:10
  • Skit Guys - God's Chisel Skit Guys - God's Chisel
    Download this video at When God chisels the dead weight out of our lives it can be quite painful. In this ...skitguys2011-09-14T23:39:1995,843 views00:11:33
  • Invite Me InInvite Me In
    Inviting someone to your church's services doesn't have to be complex, or driven by guilt. Hear the voice of someone who could be sitting in your church this Sunday. Buy here: floodgateproductions2011-09-19T00:04:1816,947 views00:03:14