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Top Irish Dance Performances

by Stacie Marshall Top Irish Dance Performances
Irish dance dates back to Ireland the 17th century and consists of several different styles of solo and group dances. Stepdance groups like Riverdance brought the beautiful synchronized dance to popularity in recent years.

Irish Dance Performances

Irish dance has risen in popularity over recent years through numerous international competitions and televised audition shows like America's Got Talent. From solo dances to performances in a large group, this style of dance has captivated audiences all over the world. Riverdance is one of the most popular forms of Irish dance. This unique style includes a rigid upper body combined with detailed footwork. Nowadays, styles have become more relaxed and additional movement has been added to performances.

One common factor that you'll notice when watching Irish dance are the amazing costumes worn by the dancers. The greater the competition, the more elaborate the outfits worn by both male and female performers. It's so amazing to see how the entire production comes together to pull off a talented dance number. There are so many fine details in Irish dance that you have to watch these performances more than once. 

Thankfully, this classic style of dance is getting a resurgence and I'm so glad that we get to see these talented dancers perform on the big stages. Every single kick, turn and leap will dazzle you with skill and precision. There's no doubt that Irish dance takes a lot of hard work and practice. But when everything comes together so seamlessly, it looks nearly effortless. There's something about dancing that truly makes you feel alive. Don't you agree?


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