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  • Tony Tona ARW 123 Tom testimonyTony Tona ARW 123 Tom testimony
    This video is a must see. The video is about a homeless person named Tom with his son Jason living under a bridge. Tom has been an alcoholic and using drugs for many years. In 2014 I taped Tom and Jason under the bridge. Tom was drunk at the time ...tonytona327lima2016-12-17T11:39:2249 views00:27:46
  • Sermon; Disease UC&P Sermon; Disease UC&P
    Tony Tona: Talks about a disease that is killing millions of people. The doctors can't cure it. the Army, Police, can't stop it.tonytona327lima2016-10-17T13:09:2256 views00:15:02
  • Tony Tona Is Christmas & Easter BiblicalTony Tona Is Christmas & Easter Biblical
    Tony Tona: Is Christmas & Easter Biblical Holidays? What I'm going to Say will shock most of you. Rev: 22:18-19 says do not add to my word or take away. God shall add to him the plagues which are written in this book. The bible never mentions Chri...tonytona327lima2016-05-08T10:42:2176 views00:08:21
  • Tony Tona sermon # 115 DTC Faith Pt # 2Tony Tona sermon # 115 DTC Faith Pt # 2
    Tony; has been talking about faith over Thirty years. 2 Corinthians 5:7 says we walk by faith not by sight. Romans 12:3 everyone is given a measure of faith, you have to exercise it to grow. Romans 1:17 the righteous shall live by faith.tonytona327lima2016-04-05T14:57:1128 views00:23:05
  • Tony Tona Sermon # 114 Faith Pt. 1Tony Tona Sermon # 114 Faith Pt. 1
    Tony; teaching the students at Teen Challenge Seaford, Delaware. Tony has also taught at TC Detroit over the years. Faith is a very important word in the bible. Hebrews 11:6 says; without faith it's impossible to please him.tonytona327lima2016-03-21T17:07:0767 views00:24:00
  • Tony Tona sermon Testimony# 111 Pt. 2 Teen ChallengeTony Tona sermon Testimony# 111 Pt. 2 Teen Challenge
    Tony: visited and taught the students at Delmarva Teen Challenge Seaford Delaware, Over the years Tony has also taught at Detroit, TC Bob Carey,executive director tel 302.629.2559tonytona327lima2015-12-11T18:56:3962 views00:29:19
  • Tony Tona: "Wake Up Call"for the church Tony Tona:
    Tony Tona, This a first in a new series called Up Close & Personal. Every once and a while I will put together, short message from the bible for the church, hopefully it will interest you. This is a letter written to the church by me. The video is...tonytona327lima2015-12-04T16:11:39226 views00:11:03
  • TonyTona # 103 Homeless Tim & Jason TonyTona # 103 Homeless Tim & Jason
    Tony, included a father and son homeless in this video. The father is drunk during the filming. after approximately a month of trying to convince them to come out from under the bridge. I succeeded in placing the father in a christian program the ...tonytona327lima2015-11-30T19:41:3892 views00:24:16
  • Tony Tona sermon Testimony # 110 Pt.1 Teen ChallengeTony Tona sermon Testimony # 110 Pt.1 Teen Challenge
    Tony, Spent 2 days at Delmarva Teen challenge Seaford, Delaware. Preaching, teaching the students about Jesus,and the bible. The men are trained how to over come there
    addictions, and homelessness.
    Bob Carey is the executive director
    tonytona327lima2015-11-29T16:16:35104 views00:28:55
  • Tony TonaTony Tona
    Tony: interviews homeless friend living under a bridge. I have been helping Charlie over 20 years. I have put in motels and a christian program he lasted several years and then left. It can take years to rehabilitate someone you have stick with it...tonytona327lima2015-11-28T10:46:3548 views00:05:43
  • Tony,Visits Homeless Men At Methodist churchTony,Visits Homeless Men At Methodist church
    Tony, visits Winter Relief ministry he co-foundered over 18 years ago. There is an estimate of over 50 churches involved that house the Homeless. Each full week the scheduled church houses the homeless only at night, and runs from Oct to April t...tonytona327lima2014-12-16T17:49:03257 views00:19:17
  • Tony, Visits Father & Son HomelessTony, Visits Father & Son Homeless
    I visited with Tom & son Jason both homeless living under bridge. I know Tom well over 10 years and tried to help him off the streets before. One time Tom told me he was thinking of committing suicide and thanked me for changing his mind after we ...tonytona327lima2014-11-06T16:54:06387 views00:06:14
  • Tony Tona: At The ANNAPOLIS Boat ShowTony Tona: At  The ANNAPOLIS Boat Show
    Tony: Has been visiting the Annapolis, MD boat show for many years. Handing out free bibles, tracks, witnessing to the
    pedestrians walking by. He also has signs promoting the word of God. Narration by: Jason Strecker
    tonytona327lima2014-09-27T13:44:05337 views00:02:20
  • Tony Tona: Uses Jesus Signs Tony Tona:  Uses Jesus Signs
    Tony: uses signs to promote the Kingdom of God. He has been using signs along the highways and at the U.S. Annapolis boat show over 20 years.tonytona327lima2014-09-26T14:49:05315 views00:03:41
  • Tony Tona: helps homeless womanTony Tona: helps homeless woman
    Tony: interviews female sleeping on concrete slab. Kelly Has been homeless approximately 2 years. I know her over 20 years and tried to help her before but she refused. This time she wanted off the streets. I recently found a place for her to stay...tonytona327lima2014-09-25T18:59:06681 views00:08:02
  • Tony Tona : Interviews homeless manTony Tona : Interviews homeless man
    Tony; interviews homeless man in Annapolis, Md. The Christian church needs to do more for the homeless, and the poor. the greatest commandment is to love God and our neighbor as ourselves Matt 22:35-40tonytona327lima2014-09-24T19:59:09623 views00:06:30