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  • Do You Know About the Miracle of Life?Do You Know About the Miracle of Life?
    How amazing and wonderful the gift of Life is that God has blessed us with. Through incredible ultrasound video and photos we can actually see this miracle as we watch a baby develop in the womb. (jamesw722011-01-24T22:50:505,493 views00:03:30
  • Building 429 - Listen To The Sound (Official Music Video)Building 429 - Listen To The Sound (Official Music Video)
    Inspiring and uplifting music video for "Listen To the Sound" by Building 429.building-4292011-05-27T11:10:5049,029 views00:03:51
  • The Human Brain - God's DesignThe Human Brain - God's Design
    Have you ever thought about the Human Brain and how it really works? This awesome video explores how it relates to the patterns behaviors we live out day to day and how to renew our mind with the things of God. Based on the verses Romans 7:13-25,...sharethemessage2011-08-08T13:15:2657,405 views00:02:14
  • The Love DanceThe Love Dance
    Download this video at The institution of marriage is one of life’s greatest platforms to li...seekfirstmedia2011-08-07T17:00:072,646 views00:03:01
  • BrokenBroken
    This video represents the darkness we all live in and how we can break free from such a broken place and find God. God is the only way to escape your damaged life, because he is the truth and the light. Video done by Access. Buy here: worshiphousemedia2011-08-03T10:25:0032,799 views00:01:34
  • MasksMasks
    We all like to make a good impression, but when it comes to God and the church, honesty is the best policy. A creative video about God’s grace and acceptance, and the need for authenticity in our spiritual lives. Video by CentralFilms. Show it to ...worshiphousemedia2011-08-03T10:20:1815,042 views00:02:51
  • Thankful Thankful
    A deeply convicting and eye-opening video that will remind you to look for God's blessings in things we take for granted daily. Take time to see how richly and abundantly God has blessed you today. Share this with someone to remind them of powerfu...ignitermedia2011-07-28T01:35:24192,275 views00:02:47
  • Chris Tomlin The Passion Band - All My Fountains (Official Music Video)Chris Tomlin The Passion Band - All My Fountains (Official Music Video)
    Official music video for All My Fountains by Chris Tomlin and the Passion Band. Verse 1 This dry and desert land I tell myself, “Keep walking on” Hear something up ahead Water falling like a song An everlasting stream Your river carries me home Le...chris-tomlin2011-06-28T00:49:4195,082 views00:04:59
  • Kutless - What Faith Can Do (Official Music Video)Kutless - What Faith Can Do (Official Music Video)
    Kutless - What Faith Can Do (Official Music Video)

    (P) (C) 2011 BEC Recordings. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by EMI Christian Music Group,
    kutless2011-06-21T15:09:0093,942 views00:03:50
  • Fireflight - What I've Overcome Fireflight - What I've Overcome
    We all have obstacles and struggles we need to overcome. Dawn reminds us that if we put our faith and trust in God, all things are possible. Fireflight: "What I've Overcome" from the album - For Those Who Wait.fireflight2011-04-26T14:05:3442,033 views00:04:20
  • Casting Crowns - 'Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)' - Live Casting Crowns - 'Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)' - Live
    God made the ultimate sacrifice for us when He sent His only Son to Earth to die for our sins. Because of this gift, we are now forgiven and free from our earthly chains. Jesus is truly the source of our light and strength and when we hand our wor...casting-crowns2011-04-26T14:10:00393,816 views00:04:48
    Psalm 147:3 He heals the brokenhearted And binds up their wounds. (THERE IS NO ONE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN ONE WHO IS BROKEN) Watchmen Nee.porabb12010-10-02T02:10:312,144 views00:03:43
  • Fireflight UnbreakableFireflight Unbreakable
    Fireflight Unbreakable slidshow of lyrics and pics of Fireflight.

    this is my first video so please commit and rate
    iammheaded4thedoor2010-10-02T00:03:574,691 views00:03:26
  • Fireflight - You Decide (english subtitles)Fireflight - You Decide (english subtitles)
    Fireflight - You Decide (english subtitles)luckymann212010-10-01T23:20:472,832 views00:03:22
  • Stand Up- FireflightStand Up- Fireflight
    awesome song!mavask2010-10-01T23:19:406,679 views00:06:04
  • FireFiight ~Something New~FireFiight ~Something New~
    fireflightloveualways2010-10-01T22:28:316,691 views00:03:23