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  • Tim Hawkins - Girls vs BoysTim Hawkins - Girls vs Boys
    This may be Tim's funniest clip yet! God made girls and boys different for a reason. Tim delivers his hiliarious perspective on the science and chemistry of girls vs. boys. If your in the mood for a laugh, then don't miss this funny video! You can...timhawkinscomedy2011-08-08T16:25:05645,468 views00:01:16
  • Tim Hawkins Shares Parenting Story At The Drive-ThruTim Hawkins Shares Parenting Story At The Drive-Thru
    Christian comedian Tim Hawkins knows that drive-thrus can be difficult when you have children. And when he tells this hilarious story of his wife at a local fast food restaurant, you'll be rolling on the floor with laughter. This guy always cracks...timhawkinscomedy2016-12-15T09:45:1980,945 views00:00:00
  • Tim Hawkins on Hand RaisingTim Hawkins on Hand Raising
    Tim offers some valuable training to you newbies on the different types of hand raising in church. From his new release "Push Pull Point Pow". DVD and Digital Download available at timhawkinscomedy2012-11-19T14:24:00791,030 views00:02:39