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  • Silencing the Christians: Episode 3Silencing the Christians: Episode 3
    “Hate crime” is the new buzzword in law enforcement. But how is “hate” being defined? Learn how this legislation targets thought and freedom of speech that could make it illegal to believe in “Truth”...onenewsnow12010-10-01T23:57:002,132 views00:22:34
  • Silencing the Christians: Episode 4Silencing the Christians: Episode 4
    A student is prohibited from singing about God in a school talent show. Boy Scouts in Philadelphia lose their home of 80 years. A VA hospital neutralizes its chapel by removing Christian symbols. Dr. Gary C!@!@ talks about violence against Christi...onenewsnow12010-10-01T23:57:002,211 views00:22:34
  • Silencing the Christians: Episode 5Silencing the Christians: Episode 5
    Lesbian couples sue a church for the right to hold a civil union ceremony. A mother is told reading from the Bible to her son's class is against the law. A Canadian pastor faces a hate crimes tribunal for writing a letter to his local newspaper.onenewsnow12010-10-01T23:57:012,645 views00:22:32
  • Silencing the Christians: Episode 2Silencing the Christians: Episode 2
    You’ve heard the myth of “separation of church and state” but on this episode of “Speechless. . .Silencing the Christians” you’ll learn how this “sacred cow” of the liberal left only ...onenewsnow12010-10-01T23:56:133,534 views00:22:35
  • Silencing the Christians: Episode 12Silencing the Christians: Episode 12
    A Georgia Tech student faces death and rape threats for opposing leberal feminist policies and a social work student is told she must violate her conscience to complete her program.onenewsnow12010-10-01T23:56:112,061 views00:20:33
  • Silencing the Christians: Episode 11Silencing the Christians: Episode 11
    Public university employees face discrimination and threats to their careers for holding a Christian worldview.onenewsnow12010-10-01T23:56:112,065 views00:20:36
  • Silencing the Christians: Episode 9Silencing the Christians: Episode 9
    Three cases of employees losing their jobs as a result of the practice of their faith.onenewsnow12010-10-01T23:56:112,168 views00:20:32
  • Silencing the Christians: Episode 10Silencing the Christians: Episode 10
    A human resources executive and a corporate fraud investigator are fired for writing opinion columns critical of the homo!$$ual social agenda while they were at home on their personal timeonenewsnow12010-10-01T23:56:112,209 views00:20:32
  • Silencing the Christians: Episode 8Silencing the Christians: Episode 8
    A mother who left the lesbian lifestyle faces losing her daughter to her former partner for teaching the girl that the Bible calls homo!%uality a sin.onenewsnow12010-10-01T23:56:112,701 views00:21:01
  • Every Soldier Has One Prayer

    by Dennis Collins
    Every Soldier Has One Prayer<br /><br />
by Dennis Collins
    A powerful straight from the heart declaration of love, hope and honor. Available on iTunes,, and http://cd...ppvoice2008-07-04T00:00:0010,101 views00:04:34
  • Silencing the Christians: Episode 6Silencing the Christians: Episode 6
    Public school students in Texas are told they can’t mention Jesus in discussions about Christmas or Easter. Texas passes a law designed to protect students’ religious liberties.onenewsnow12010-10-01T23:58:152,190 views00:22:32