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  • Praise Forevermore.wmvPraise Forevermore.wmv
    Verse 1:
    You oh Lord, are all I'll ever need
    I will sing Your praise forevermore
    I lift my hands in praises to Your name
    I will sing Your praise forevermore (Repeat)

    You give me strength, You give me hope,
    You give me life, and I ...
    thrandall2011-04-14T15:08:12653 views00:02:47
  • I Will Sing.wmvI Will Sing.wmv
    Jesus is here, here in this place He wants you to cry out As your hand reaches up He will heal and renew Can you feel His touch? (Chorus) And I’ll sing! Praise to Your holy name! Sing! Lift up my hands I sing Jesus is King! You’re my Lord my Savio...thrandall2011-04-14T13:53:01494 views00:02:15
  • Is It IIs It I
    Is it who cannot see and will not hear
    Is it I who mind is full of fear
    Is it who’s heart is hard and prayers are old
    Is I who doesn’t know You Lord

    It is I who doesn’t read your word as I ought
    It is I who always goes my way
    It is I who n...
    thrandall2011-04-14T13:33:00409 views00:03:08
  • I Give My Life To YouI Give My Life To You
    Lord, I come before Your presence
    Lord I'm standing at Your throne
    You're my heavenly Father
    And I love You, You alone

    I give my life to You Lord
    It's all I have to give
    And I confess to You my sins
    Lord please change me from within

    thrandall2011-04-14T12:53:021,167 views00:02:54
  • Heal Me JesusHeal Me Jesus
    I come to You my heart is aching
    I come to You with my arms open wide
    I come to You my heart is ever aching
    Will you heal me Lord

    Heal me Jesus
    Heal me Jesus
    Heal me Jesus
    Heal me lord

    I seek Your love and strength my Lord
    So my heart...
    thrandall2011-04-13T19:13:12805 views00:03:02
  • Trust in YouTrust in You
    Discouragement and despondency but I will trust in You
    In my hopelessness, my uselessness, I will trust in You

    Jesus will You heal me
    Jesus will You deliver me
    Jesus Please restore me, I put my trust In You

    That I may stand on that great...
    thrandall2011-02-05T10:30:51467 views00:03:02
  • I Give You AllI Give You All
    I give You all of my heart and mind
    I give You all of my hurts, my pride
    I give You all of my sins inside
    I give You all
    I give You all

    Help me to see that You are near
    Give me Your ears that I may hear
    Jesus I give You all I hold de...
    thrandall2011-02-04T00:55:35545 views00:02:41