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  • Lego Battle of Stalingrad (WWII)Lego Battle of Stalingrad (WWII)
    This is a documentary of the 1942-1943 Battle of Stalingrad. The only thing that involves blood is bits of red clay. This shows the front line hardships of the Germans and the Russians in this great battle.theprophet432015-03-23T18:13:56491 views00:07:56
  • Lego Noah & The ArkLego Noah & The Ark
    This is a video I made a year ago.
    But I hope you like it, though it has a few mistakes...
    theprophet432015-03-23T17:58:58199 views00:08:05
  • Lego Cain & AbelLego Cain & Abel
    This is a Lego version of Cain and
    Abel. A well, well, well known history of the first murder. Don't worry though, it is anything but graphic;)
    theprophet432015-03-23T17:58:56885 views00:03:52