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  • the hairydudesthe hairydudes
    there are things in this world that are really cool but do not deserve this song we sing praise to the King who gave us life for He alone is worthythehairydude2010-12-14T17:21:52285 views00:05:59
  • You Alone The HairydudesYou Alone  The Hairydudes
    A simple rock worship song about motorcycles, good waves, Waimia shore break, Movie stars, and Rock stars that are awesome but there is only One who is worthy to be worshiped and praised on a totally different level That's Jesus the Kingthehairydude2010-11-04T15:45:03280 views00:05:59
  • You are better The HairydudesYou are better  The Hairydudes
    A simple song proclaiming that Jesus is better than anything this world has to offer. thehairydude2010-11-04T13:40:02242 views00:05:02
  • I will take you The HairydudesI will take you The Hairydudes
    A song of receiving the Lords forgiveness as I continue to turn to Him, He takes me back, over and over againthehairydude2010-11-02T13:25:03205 views00:07:02