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  • PurposePurpose
    When you get connected and develop a relationship with Jesus you will realize sooner or later that you have a distinct purpose, one ordained of God. Let us dig deeper in our relationship with Christ to find out what exactly our purpose is. thebridgeflint2011-05-15T17:24:27650 views00:22:45
  • RelationshipsRelationships
    Relationships are a very important and vital part of our lives. We are constantly interacting with people. What can we discover about ourselves instead of pointing at others, to better our relationships?thebridgeflint2011-05-15T16:39:27456 views00:17:14
  • The Abundant LifeThe Abundant Life
    Learn how you can obtain a life with real joy, a joy that can only come from living the adventure of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. thebridgeflint2011-04-25T18:40:34360 views00:22:50
  • The Bridge- Gospel of John pt.2The Bridge- Gospel of John pt.2
    Part 2 of the two part series on the Gospel of John. thebridgeflint2011-04-18T16:25:28421 views00:19:59
  • The Gospel of JohnThe Gospel of John
    Part 1 in the 2 part series of The Gospel of John. thebridgeflint2011-04-10T22:47:46363 views00:20:17
  • Team WorkTeam Work
    The Last in the series "Men and Women are not equal"thebridgeflint2011-04-04T13:27:47401 views00:24:55
  • NT ViewNT View
    The third in the series "Men and Women are not equal"thebridgeflint2011-04-03T01:37:37465 views00:26:45
  • Image of GodImage of God
    From the series "Men and Women are not equal" comes the sermon "Image of God", God created us both, men and women in His image. So are we equal? thebridgeflint2011-03-16T04:35:20514 views00:25:42
  • FreedomFreedom
    To get from bondage to being truly free we must examine the scriptures, receive the gift of salvation through Christ, and walk in the Spirit of God that He gave us. thebridgeflint2011-03-06T16:57:02398 views00:21:36
  • BondageBondage
    No matter who we are we all struggle with things in our lives. Let's face it even as believers in Christ, we have faults, areas in our lives that we are not proud of. Watch & listen as we learn of ourselves and the only One who can deliver us from...thebridgeflint2011-02-27T16:17:21494 views00:20:07
  • Free WillFree Will
    God gave us free will for a reason. In this first sermon of the series "Freedom from Bondage" let us discover Free Will and Freedom. thebridgeflint2011-02-20T21:25:38431 views00:23:09
  • I am not that stupid (So why am I in debt)I am not that stupid (So why am I in debt)
    I sermon about financial responsibility and stewardship. thebridgeflint2011-02-14T14:51:17332 views00:19:16
  • I am not that stupid (So why do I buy things I don't need)I am not that stupid (So why do I buy things I don't need)
    A sermon about financial responsibility and stewardship. thebridgeflint2011-02-06T20:20:42478 views00:21:25
  • I am not stupid (So why am I broke).wmvI am not stupid (So why am I broke).wmv
    A sermon about financial responsibilities, and stewardship. thebridgeflint2011-01-31T20:05:06496 views00:22:52
  • Vision pt3.wmvVision pt3.wmv
    A description of the church/vision. thebridgeflint2011-01-25T19:15:51318 views00:24:02
  • Vision pt.2Vision pt.2
    A description of the vision of the church. thebridgeflint2011-01-17T01:50:09331 views00:15:06