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  • Unsaved Movie Review 32: The ProphesyUnsaved Movie Review 32: The Prophesy
    I thought it was interesting this movie revolved around something Christian, but I thought to myself "is this a Christian film let alone scripturally accurate". In short? Most no not really, but certainly gives a Christian food for thought. Never ...tcp_radio2012-05-15T21:50:20649 views00:13:02
  • Unsaved Movie Review 31: Redemption RoadUnsaved Movie Review 31: Redemption Road
    Starring Michael Clark Duncan and Luke Perry. This is a film about an aspiring blues musician who has his fair share of troubles and has much emotional baggage. In order to escape a man whom he borrowed money from/slept with his wife, Jefferson Ba...tcp_radio2012-05-15T21:29:12805 views00:13:49
  • Spiritual Affirmation 10: Abimelech (Judges 9)Spiritual Affirmation 10: Abimelech (Judges 9)
    For this MUCH SHORTER Spiritual Affirmation video, I'll be talking about what I read in Judges 9 and what we can apply from it. I find what Jotham says the the leaders of Beth Milla and Shechem in verses 7-21, as well as what happens to both Abime...tcp_radio2012-05-06T16:54:041,127 views00:12:40
  • Spiritual Affirmation 9: Teresa of AvilaSpiritual Affirmation 9: Teresa of Avila
    For this ninth edition, I really liked reading this quote from Teresa of Avila. She speaks of various things in this quote such as prayer, false appearances, Satan, and sin. It is convicting in that we Christians sometimes make this outward appear...tcp_radio2012-05-06T16:39:08756 views00:23:14
  • Unsaved Movie Review 28: No Strings AttachedUnsaved Movie Review 28: No Strings Attached
    Before watching this movie I was wondering to myself "hmmm I wonder if there will be any similarities to this and the movie Friends with Benefits?" but nevertheless I wanted to watch this to see if there was anything different in order to be fair....tcp_radio2012-04-29T18:49:04802 views00:23:15
  • Unsaved Movie Review 30: The SitterUnsaved Movie Review 30: The Sitter
    Jonah Hill is a very popular, mainstream actor, and just because I heard people talking about this movie I had to watch and see what was going on here... I saw somethings which were obviously for comedic effect, but there are some other things whi...tcp_radio2012-04-27T09:14:05718 views00:25:24
  • Unsaved Movie Review 29: RangoUnsaved Movie Review 29: Rango
    I saw the trailer to this a while back and thought it looked like it could be funny, and in order to try to review more movies which are for all ages in addition to some of the grown up films I've reviewed, I thought of giving Rango a try. I did f...tcp_radio2012-04-27T08:49:05724 views00:24:45
  • Spiritual Affirmation 8: Thomas A KempisSpiritual Affirmation 8: Thomas A Kempis
    I found something very interesting recently while reading from the usual book. Thomas A Kempis said something very good for us Christians to apply when it comes to what we say and what we concentrate our minds upon. We have to be careful not to ge...tcp_radio2012-04-18T08:59:04602 views00:27:34
  • Spiritual Affirmation 7: John CalvinSpiritual Affirmation 7: John Calvin
    For this edition of A Spiritual Affirmation, I'll be discussing a John Calvin quote I read. I don't agree with certain aspects of Calvinism like Limited Atonement, but I don't dismiss everything apart of Calvinism completely and in this quote's pa...tcp_radio2012-04-13T10:54:04531 views00:25:11
  • Unsaved Movie Review 27: Judy MoodyUnsaved Movie Review 27: Judy Moody
    In honor of a subscriber's request I am going to review more movies that are family friendly in addition to the grown up films I've tended to target. For this edition of An Unsaved Movie Review I'll be talking about the summer movie Judy Moody and...tcp_radio2012-04-13T10:14:05516 views00:20:51
  • Unsaved Movie Review 26: 40 Days and 40 NightsUnsaved Movie Review 26: 40 Days and 40 Nights
    In honor of Lent beginning recently, I have decided to talk about a movie which revolves around Lent as it's primary plotline. For this video I'll be talking about whether a Christian should observe Lent or not, how to observe Lent if they do, sex...tcp_radio2012-04-13T09:59:04664 views00:24:10
  • Spiritual Affirmation 6: Jonathan EdwardsSpiritual Affirmation 6: Jonathan Edwards
    I'll be talking about an excerpt from a Jonathan Edwards sermon he did many years ago. For those who don't know, Jonathan Edwards was an American Pastor who lived from the late 1600s to the mid 1700s as apart of the Puritan community. I've grown t...tcp_radio2012-04-13T09:43:35712 views00:26:10
  • Unsaved Movie Review 25: Stay TunedUnsaved Movie Review 25: Stay Tuned
    A movie which addresses both television and the satanic underworld peeked my curiosity for this edition of An Unsaved Movie Review. I also happen to like much of the movies Jeffrey Jones has partisipated within; despite the unfortunate circumstanc...tcp_radio2012-04-03T10:24:08735 views00:19:32
  • Unsaved Movie Review 24: SkylineUnsaved Movie Review 24: Skyline
    A while back I watched a Hal Lindsey Report episode and towards the end of it he questioned whether the movie Skyline was addressing the Rapture or not. For this edition I'll be briefly addressing that thought, but I will not argue for or against ...tcp_radio2012-04-03T09:54:07581 views00:24:36
  • Unsaved Movie Review 23: All Dogs Go To HeavenUnsaved Movie Review 23: All Dogs Go To Heaven
    I remember watching this as a kid, but I actually didn't pay much attention to certain details and was surprised to see certain things within the movie; I give this a few thumbs up and downs.tcp_radio2012-04-03T09:19:07754 views00:23:04
  • Spiritual Affirmation 5: King David and JoshuaSpiritual Affirmation 5: King David and Joshua
    This time instead of sourcing a particular book like I have done for the first four I have decided to talk about some particular passages which sank into my heart very deeply, very recently. I was a bit depressed this weekend and this morning I re...tcp_radio2012-03-20T10:59:05609 views00:22:44