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  • Petra / I Will Call Upon The LordPetra / I Will Call Upon The Lord
    Petra sings I Will Call Upon The Lord from their Cd, Petra Praise The Rock Cries Out. You can find Petra Cd's at www.petramerchandise.comtbarrett82010-10-01T22:52:1314,618 views00:03:48
  • Petra / Song Of MosesPetra / Song Of Moses
    Petra sings the Song Of Moses from their Cd, Petra Praise 2 We Need Jesus. Get Petra CD's at www.petramerchandise.comtbarrett82010-10-01T22:52:2412,241 views00:04:18
  • Petra / Praise MelodyPetra / Praise Melody
    Petra sings a Praise Melody from their, Petra Praise 2 We Need Jesus CD. Get Petra CD's at www.petramerchandise.comtbarrett82010-10-01T22:53:1712,059 views00:06:12
  • John Elefante / This Is What Love IsJohn Elefante / This Is What Love Is
    John Elefante, former lead singer of the rock band Kansas now singer for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He and his Brother Dino Elefante also produced alot of Petra's music as well. If you've never heard John sing, your in for a treat, sit bac...tbarrett82010-10-01T22:53:2610,900 views00:04:51
  • John Schlitt / Need I Remind YouJohn Schlitt / Need I Remind You
    John Schlitt sings Need I Remind You from his CD, Unfit For Swine. You can get John Schlitt CD's at www.johnschlitt.com or www.petramerchandise.comtbarrett82010-10-01T22:53:289,197 views00:04:16
  • John Elefante / No Ones Ever Died For Me BeforeJohn Elefante / No Ones Ever Died For Me Before
    John Elefante (Former Kansas Lead Singer) sings, No Ones Ever Died For Me Before, from his, Windows Of Heaven CD.tbarrett82010-10-01T22:53:469,017 views00:04:23
  • Petra / We Need JesusPetra / We Need Jesus
    Petra sings "We Need Jesus", If you've never heard this song, check it out, it's great. Petra Lead Vocalist John Schlitt (Formerly of Head East) shares lead vocals with John Elefante (Former Lead Singer of Kansas) and Lou Gramm l...tbarrett82010-10-01T22:53:5021,711 views00:04:17
  • July 4th Video / Carman / America AgainJuly 4th Video / Carman / America Again
    Carman sings America Again from his Heart Of A Champion Cd.tbarrett82010-10-01T22:54:4712,507 views00:05:55
  • The Smartest Bird Ever! So FunnyThe Smartest Bird Ever! So Funny
    The Smartest Bird Ever!!godtube-animals2010-10-01T23:00:18269,250 views00:03:01
  • Then & Now / John Schlitt / Head East / PetraThen & Now / John Schlitt / Head East / Petra
    Then and Now story of John Schlitts life. First a drugs and Rock N Roll career with Rock band Head East to a twenty year ministry as lead singer for the Christian Rock Band Petra. Check it out. You can find John Schlitt and Petra CD's at www.petra...tbarrett82010-10-01T23:03:385,771 views00:07:37
  • Then & Now / Mylon Lefevre / TransformationThen & Now / Mylon Lefevre / Transformation
    Then & Now Mylon Lefevre. The Transformation Of Mylon Lefevre from singing in a Family Gospel group to drugs and rock n roll to one of the greatest Christian Rock bands ever, to the pulpit. Check it out. You can get Mylon music at www.mylon.or...tbarrett82010-10-01T23:11:233,180 views00:06:43
  • Then & Now / John Elefante / KansasThen & Now / John Elefante / Kansas
    Then and Now life of former Kansas Lead Singer John Elefante. From Kansas in the early eighties to contemporary Christian artist. Check it out.tbarrett82010-10-01T23:11:255,815 views00:07:14
  • The Primitive Quartet / GlorylandThe Primitive Quartet / Gloryland
    The Primitive Quartet sing Gloryland from their Cd, The Best Of. A must listen to. You can get The Primitive Quartet music at www.primitivequartet.comtbarrett82010-10-01T23:11:3119,583 views00:03:52
  • Third Day / Call My NameThird Day / Call My Name
    Third Day sings Call My Name from the brand new CD, REVELATION. Great song, a must listen. www.thirdday.comtbarrett82010-10-01T23:15:2841,121 views00:04:08
  • Big Daddy Weave / Never Goin' BackBig Daddy Weave / Never Goin' Back
    Big Daddy Weave sings Never Goin' Back from their CD, One And Only. www.bigdaddyweave.comtbarrett82010-10-01T23:15:3211,847 views00:03:37
  • Randy Travis / Pray For The FishRandy Travis / Pray For The Fish
    Randy Travis sings Pray For The Fish from his CD, Rise And Shine. www.randytravis.comtbarrett82010-10-01T23:16:4718,800 views00:03:02