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  • Carrie underwoodCarrie underwood
    these is Carrie Underwood but i love these video it"s my favorite!09jesus2010-10-02T00:28:035,447 views00:03:46
  • WHEN GOD RAN!!! Open Your Arms...WHEN GOD RAN!!! Open Your Arms...
    So many times in our lives we feel hopeless~nobody cares! Then at that very moment a glimmer of Hope Shines in & we know God is with us!!
    By Phillips Craig and Dean. Hope it blesses your heart...

    Video produced by Youtube user...
    yakwild2010-10-02T00:38:516,636 views00:05:18
  • Coffey - Can I - on itunes today!Coffey - Can I - on itunes today!
    Coffey performs his song "Can I" and explains how its a song written to a girl by a christian guy. Very catchy, fun, and clean performance by this internet artist. "Can I" is available to purchase. SUBSCRIBE to the videos for m...coffey2010-10-02T00:43:0320,266 views00:03:14
  • Jesus Wants The Rose - Shocking and Beautiful MessageJesus Wants The Rose - Shocking and Beautiful Message
    A strong reminder about how dangerous judgement on others can could quickly turn someone from wanting to accept Jesus. The only One that can save them from that very sin! When those around you sin, choose LOVE.
    joylights2010-10-02T00:45:4342,714 views00:03:54
  • "Down In The River To Pray" Maria"Down In The River To Pray" Maria

    Maria has the talent to make it to the top. Here is a classic even to the point of this being a new version Hit!! ..It's very good!! Go Girl!! God will guide & make the path clear.....I thank her for l...
    yakwild2010-10-02T00:52:402,513 views00:02:46
  • "How Great Thou Art" Crystal Lewis"How Great Thou Art" Crystal Lewis
    Crystal breaths new life to this standard of the Christian faith

    thank you to who gave the ok to share

    O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder

    Consider all the worlds Thy hands have made

    I see...
    yakwild2010-10-02T00:57:493,281 views00:05:22
  • Oren Lavie Music VideoOren Lavie Music Video
    Awesome Stop Motionyabbadabbadoo2010-10-02T00:57:5122,637 views00:03:36
  • Mother Teresa "Loving God"Mother Teresa "Loving God"

    A timeless word on what it means to really love God. How far we have drifted from the simplicity of Jesus Christ in...
    yakwild2010-10-02T01:00:112,264 views00:01:02
  • Dave's Highway - Bridge Over Troubled WaterDave's Highway - Bridge Over Troubled Water

    We love this song by Simon and Garfunkel. Our dad played it for us on a concert video from way back in the 70' it's an old song. We recorded th...
    daveshighway2012-07-18T23:49:0525,924 views00:04:59
  • Amazing Dance - Man Without Leg and Woman Without ArmAmazing Dance - Man Without Leg and Woman Without Arm
    Wow! This is incredible! A woman without an arm and a man without a leg combine together to perform this beautiful and powerful dance. God truly has a plan for everyone. What is holding you back in life and how can you use it for good? God bless!sand2rock952010-10-01T23:27:44904,648 views00:05:17
  • Chris Tomlin - I Will Rise (Live)Chris Tomlin - I Will Rise (Live)
    Will you rise when He calls your name? Chris Tomlin's moving performance of ‘I Will Rise’ is sure to give you chills. Captured on the Hello Love Tour during a sold out show in Los Angeles, the video captures this powerful song along with a seven p...chris-tomlin2010-10-02T00:56:12428,734 views00:05:07
  • Tenth Avenue North - You Are MoreTenth Avenue North - You Are More
    Official Music Video of "You Are More"by Tenth Avenue North. From the newest album The Light Meets The Dark. For more information, visit Buy Now! tenth-avenue-north2010-11-10T13:15:03233,184 views00:03:43
  • Bluetree- God of this City (Acoustic)Bluetree- God of this City (Acoustic)
    Aaron Boyd of Bluetree plays an acoustic version of "God of this City".[Verse 1]You're the God of this CityYou're the King of these peopleYou're the Lord of this nationYou are[Verse 2]You're the Light in this darknessYou're the Hope to the hopeles...bluetree2010-10-02T00:37:3759,497 views00:04:37