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  • Blessed Be Your NameBlessed Be Your Name
    The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, but he is always worthy of our worship no matter the circumstance. All the stories contained in this video are true, and all the people are real--just like you. Allow their joys, triumphs and heartaches to e...worshiphousemedia2010-10-02T01:22:46200,902 views00:03:17
  • Glorious Day - Casting CrownsGlorious Day - Casting Crowns
    Glorious Day - Casting Crownshulahan2011-04-20T09:55:39169,047 views00:04:41
  • SacrificeSacrifice
    A hard-hitting short film depicting just what God the Father gave up for each and every one of us while we were yet sinners. Video done by The Sound Tank. Buy here: andrewmanzano2011-07-22T11:45:05124,335 views00:01:58
  • Ever Had a Day You Just Need A Pep Talk? Don't Stop! Don't Give Up!Ever Had a Day You Just Need A Pep Talk?  Don't Stop!  Don't Give Up!
    This is too cute! sharethemessage2011-07-26T01:34:5313,072 views00:01:18
  • Pray DangerouslyPray Dangerously
    Animated text of Regina Sara Ryan's poetic prayer about praying courageously.

    Here' the whole text:

    Deliver us, O God, O Truth, O Love, from quiet prayer from polite and politically correct language, from appropriate gesture ...
    rungord2010-10-02T01:28:091,520 views00:03:30