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  • Testimony - Mickey RobinsonTestimony - Mickey Robinson
    This is exactly why we do what we do... Those who are on the other side need only a tiny sliver of hope to find Christ and as a result find eternal life in Christ. AMEN!
    Note: This video is public domain and can be used to spread the gospel a...
    supernaturalmedia2012-10-03T17:34:072,396 views00:09:59
  • Paranormal - Doubts about ChristParanormal - Doubts about Christ
    We have received requests from all over the world to explain/demonstrate what a Double Blind Ghost box session is. This video will show that as the SI team asks questions, Shawn, the Ghost Box holder, cannot hear or see the people asking the quest...supernaturalmedia2012-10-01T12:59:051,225 views00:14:23
  • A Ballroom Doorway to HeavenA Ballroom Doorway to Heaven
    A Ballroom Ghost Box session at Mountain Lake. Similar to the 'Matter of Faith' Session at Paris Cemetery John ministers to Spirits quoting Psalm 28 and explains that the Sacrifice Jesus has risen from the death. A group of Spirits believed and cr...supernaturalmedia2012-10-01T11:34:05742 views00:08:43
  • A Matter of FaithA Matter of Faith
    The single most important video in SAI history! SAI confirms its mission and enters into evidence that the Ghost Box can be a trusted tool in the Christian Paranormal investigative field. Go to 9:55 for the bottom line. John 5:24-29supernaturalmedia2012-10-01T11:14:05990 views00:13:59
  • A Message From JohnA Message From John
    During the Ghost Box session we were concerned about these spirits needing help. Another spirit named John, from heaven, came through explaining the situation. Needless to say Dan and Shawn were beside themselves once we heard this. We have ponder...supernaturalmedia2012-10-01T10:49:08817 views00:01:26
  • Reports of Occult PracticesReports of Occult Practices
    The SAI team takes an emergency case were formally occult practices took place.supernaturalmedia2012-10-01T10:49:071,302 views00:02:52
  • Thysell Case ReviewThysell Case Review
    Mr. Thysell submitted several photos taken from a digital camera to SAI for review. Two in particular peaked our interest. The first, a cross in a church which appears to have free floating fire at its base. The second is an image where his daught...supernaturalmedia2012-10-01T10:49:06772 views00:07:41
  • The Silver Cord - Potential EvidenceThe Silver Cord - Potential Evidence
    The silver cord, also known as the life thread between the physical and spiritual bodies. What you are about to see is 'potential evidence' that this cord may actually exist.supernaturalmedia2012-10-01T10:09:061,891 views00:02:45
  • Prayer Over Ramsey Middle SchoolPrayer Over Ramsey Middle School
    Dan leads the SAI team in a prayer over the Ramsey Middle Schoolsupernaturalmedia2012-10-01T09:59:05632 views00:00:57
  • Team Session Basement at RamseyTeam Session Basement at Ramsey
    The SAI team comes together for a final effort to assist Edith in Moving on. However Edith seems to be hearing the message but Ed is holder her back from believing. Also there are some interesting references to a so called demon at Ramsey, However...supernaturalmedia2012-10-01T09:49:04626 views00:05:50