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  • How Great Is Our God (World Edition)How Great Is Our God (World Edition)
    A simple video for this song by Chris Tomlin, Marcos Witt and others, with on-screen lyrics of most of the various languages you hear in the song.interpreter20062012-01-08T19:44:1412,266 views00:05:57
  • Newsboys - God's Not Dead (Official Music Video)Newsboys - God's Not Dead (Official Music Video)
    The official music video for God's Not Dead by the Newsboys. From the record God's Not Dead on itunes now:,814 views00:04:29
  • COURAGEOUS In 60 SecondsCOURAGEOUS In 60 Seconds
    The #1 Christian movie of the year, Courageous, has stolen our hearts and renewed our faith in love and parenting. Enjoy this incredibly entertaining and humorous highlight reel. Make this timeless movie part of your family video library--Courageo...providentfilms2012-01-16T20:54:0934,954 views00:01:13
  • John 3:16John 3:16
    Nothing is more important than sharing the life changing message of Jesus Christ's love. Download a free resource today to tell someone you know:

salempartners2012-01-17T18:29:23102,668 views00:00:39
  • Jesus vs. Spirituality: An Interview with Ravi Jesus vs. Spirituality: An Interview with Ravi Zacharias talks with Dr. Ravi Zacharias about his latest book, Why Jesus? Dr. Zacharias responds to the mass marketed spirituality of Deepak Choprah, Oprah Winfrey, and other postmodern gurus by pointing to the truth that is found only in Chri...crosswalkcom2012-01-25T11:59:21428,589 views00:06:51
  • Sex, Marriage, and Fairytales || Spoken WordSex, Marriage, and Fairytales || Spoken Word
    Marriage today is struggling. Divorces, adultery, misconceptions, etc are plaguing not only the marriage itself but products of those marriages (my generation and the next). My hope in this poem is to highlight the most frequent and problematic is...bball19892012-01-27T08:34:35175,873 views00:03:56
  • A Father's Love: Chinese New Year A Father's Love: Chinese New Year
    All around the world, January signifies fresh starts and new beginnings. It's a time to reflect on God's blessings in our lives, righting-wrongs, repentance and becoming a better version of God's best for ourselves. The Chinese New Year just rolle...alegator212012-01-30T15:39:2081,939 views00:03:09
  • Work as WorshipWork as Worship
    FROM THE RIGHTNOW CAMPAIGN: The world tells us that work is just a means to more comfort ... More stuff...More me. TV shows and even our misdirected language in the church have hijacked our view of work and belittled it to mundane and meaningless....rightnow.org2012-02-15T23:19:2152,265 views00:02:45
  • I'm Blessed and I Know ItI'm Blessed and I Know It

    You've been Blessed.........What are you doing for others?
    Tu eres Bendecido............Que estas haciendo por otros?
    1peopletv2012-03-18T19:59:0542,327 views00:03:19
  • Reverse Thinking - Cool Palindrome!Reverse Thinking - Cool Palindrome!
    Without God as our focus, our perception on life can be clouded, confusing and often misguided. Sometimes...all we need to do is reverse our thinking.ourgodisforus2012-03-20T22:54:0965,941 views00:01:52
  • BULLY (Official Trailer) In Theaters Now! BULLY (Official Trailer) In Theaters Now!
    PETITION to have the R-Rating for BULLY changed to a PG-13 Rating! Click here to sign the petition: To join the movement to stop bullying, go to: palisadesmedia2012-03-27T14:09:0721,524 views00:02:20
  • Amazing Opera Duo - Shocking Performance of The PrayerAmazing Opera Duo - Shocking Performance of The Prayer
    Never judge a book by it's cover. Opera singers 17-year-old Jonathan Antoine and 16-year-old Charlotte sing an incredible rendition of The Prayer that shocks the judges into a standing ovation. This will give you goosebumps!theremix2012-03-26T00:00:00132,963 views00:07:30
  • The Story of Easter Told Through Social MediaThe Story of Easter Told Through Social Media
    This video is my personal Christian take on how the story of Easter and Christ's death might have been perceived had social networks existed around the time of 33 AD. Follow the story through this narrative to spread the real meaning of the Easter...bdryfhout2012-04-02T22:04:0678,909 views00:03:36
  • Ten PercentTen Percent
    A humorous mini-movie by The Sound Tank about tithing.,583 views00:02:35
  • Funny! Choir Boys Perform "Meow" SongFunny!  Choir Boys Perform
    These talented choir singers bring a little humor into their performance with a funny twist on the classic Otello. Duetto buffo di due gatti (Humorous Duet for Two Cats)theremix2012-04-11T13:34:0534,039 views00:03:18
  • A Chat With GodA Chat With God
    Prayer can sometimes be a tough thing for people. This video takes a look at some of the struggles and thoughts a person might have with prayer, through the lens of a Chat conversation with Godworshiphousemedia2012-04-15T22:39:05124,758 views00:03:26