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  • HILARIOUS! Mississippi Squirel Revival - Ray StevensHILARIOUS! Mississippi Squirel Revival - Ray Stevens
    Off the DVD Ray Stevens - Comedy Video Classics, a comedic song about a squirrel that gets loose at church and the chaos that ensues

    Check out this DVD and other releases at:

    truthbespoken2010-10-02T01:52:1814,565 views00:03:55
  • The Evangelism Linebacker - METhe Evangelism Linebacker - ME
    The Linebacker is a team player baby! It is game time and he is no mood for selfish ambition, he is fed up with narcissism and ready to take a stand. BOOYA…the Me Linebacker is a man with a plan.

    Buy here:
    worshiphousemedia2011-11-02T01:29:2138,151 views00:02:58
  • Tenth Avenue North - Losing (Official Music Video)Tenth Avenue North - Losing (Official Music Video)
    Tenth Avenue North delivers yet again another powerful song with lyrics that will convict your heart and uplift your soul. It's a nice reminder, that while we all may fall short many times in our lives, we are always forgiven in Christ! Buy it her...tenth-avenue-north2012-08-07T22:59:0582,285 views00:03:36
  • The Beautiful Miracle of LifeThe Beautiful Miracle of Life
    Thanks to advances in science and technology, we are now able to witness firsthand the incredible miracle of life. One would be hard pressed to argue the existence of God after watching this video--the miracle of life can only be attributed to the...sharethemessage2012-08-09T15:29:04127,327 views00:03:55