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  • Shocking Youth Message Stuns Hearers - So Shocking & BiblicalShocking Youth Message Stuns Hearers - So Shocking & Biblical
    This is a Shockingly Powerful & Biblical message
    preached to about 5,000 youth in a day when youth
    are appealed to through shallow and worldly means.

    At one point in this sermon the 5,000 Youth are
    clapping and yelling BUT THEN the preacher ...
    urbanreformer12008-03-17T00:00:00860,302 views00:58:59
  • Love Letter From GodLove Letter From God
    Do you have days where you feel lonely, unloved, and not wanted? We all experience days like that, don't we? When I'm feeling down and lonely, I always turn to God in praye...
    pep.lamb2008-03-17T00:00:00192,729 views00:06:23
  • gift of worshipgift of worship
    the gift of worship..sometimes we dont see the true meaningemduff2008-03-17T00:00:0039,259 views00:03:22
  • When God SpokeWhen God Spoke
    I made this slideshow at one the moments in my life I had just come out of a depression type state. The verse's in this video all have special meaning to me.tlandess2008-03-17T00:00:007,712 views00:04:07
  • Satan's meetingSatan's meeting
    Satan's meeting: about how he keeps the Christians to busy and pulled away from the relationship with Jesus Christ our Savior.
    revterry12008-03-17T00:00:00331,943 views00:05:28
  • Rescue DramaRescue Drama
    Lighthouse Drama performing their award winning Rescue Drama. They competed at the Delmarva DC Teen Talent Competition and took first place. On Wednesday August 6, 2008, they performed at the International Teen Talent Competition in San Antonio Te...soundman14882008-07-27T00:00:0018,479 views00:06:45
  • Are You Paying AttentionAre You Paying Attention
    Youth Pastor Craig Killinen (Bridgepoint Church) talks about how sometimes as Christians we can fail to pay attention to those around us that are hurting and need Jesus in their lives.bighouseministries2010-10-02T00:18:333,573 views00:03:54
  • Hello... this is God...Hello... this is God...
    God wants to take us on a journeythebigpb2010-10-02T00:24:033,767 views00:02:29
  • Live In MeLive In Me
    have you ever felt like the Jesus wanted something more? something deeper?onetimeblind2010-10-02T00:41:5620,886 views00:02:03
  • ComfortComfort
    "Comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable." - Finley Peter Dunneonetimeblind2010-10-02T00:43:1081,617 views00:01:53
  • More CokeMore Coke
    What is more important to you - the gift? Or the giver?onetimeblind2010-10-02T00:44:1833,351 views00:02:05
  • A Message From GodA Message From God
    What if God were to speak to you? What would He say? That is the subject of this video...A Message From God. Peace Comfort Assurance Lovejc921172010-10-02T00:52:271,637 views00:03:44
  • 05 03 09 Overcoming Anger05 03 09 Overcoming Anger
    Anger gives sin and evil a foothold in our lives. How do we overcome anger? Join Lonnie Davis as he tackles this sensitive subject at Southwest Church of Christ.swcoc2010-10-02T00:53:381,740 views00:18:01
  • To Hell and Back - powerful testimonyTo Hell and Back - powerful testimony
    A true story of a man who after dying had a vision of hell and now lives to tell the story...eternityfactor2010-10-02T00:53:593,386 views00:16:48
    Nancy explains why B-O-S-S-Y should be pronounced S-E-R-V-E!zonderkidzvidz2010-10-02T00:54:011,740 views00:00:55
  • Skit Guys - What Keeps You From Following God?Skit Guys - What Keeps You From Following God?
    In several funny scenes the Guys show many reasons people don't follow God completely. Sometimes it's excuses, sometimes it's procrastination, and sometimes it may be you.skitguys2010-10-02T01:00:0646,701 views00:11:48