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  • Awesome Drama! 212 Human Video Fine Arts 2007Awesome Drama! 212 Human Video Fine Arts 2007
    SUBSCRIBE and be the first to view new exciting DRAMAS and HUMAN VIDEOS! This is the Human Video that First Family's 212 Student Ministries performed at INDY 07 FINE ARTS. They got second place in the nation! This is their third round performance....ajdudarino2008-03-17T00:00:0042,726 views00:06:26
  • Mission Florida's "3" DramaMission Florida's
    The Mission Florida ministering with "Three" at 2008 Smoky Mountain Winterfest in Knoxville, Tennessee. The Mission Florida is located at the Abundant Life Church of God in Lakeland, Florida.missionflorida2010-10-01T22:12:568,943 views00:05:35
  • BreatheBreathe
    Tagged youth ministry human video to Red "breathe into me"riverranch2010-10-01T23:31:445,022 views00:05:05