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  • Fishers Of MenFishers Of Men
    Pastor Scott Wagers gives us another strong and powerful sermon regarding our ministries and our place in Gods plan. We are empowered to not only overcome, but to bring those lost sheep whom we meet during the course of our lives with us as we gat...acherise2010-10-01T22:36:1411,193 views00:22:30
  • Who Will Be FirstWho Will Be First
    Pastor Scott Wagers of CHAM Deliverance Ministry delivers another powerful sermon regarding decipleship and positioning yourself in the eyes of God.acherise2008-05-25T00:00:004,710 views00:22:39
  • Where Are You Running To?Where Are You Running To?
    Another powerful sermon from Pastor Scott Wagers of Cham Deliverance Ministryacherise2010-10-01T23:27:144,186 views00:18:37
  • FearFear
    Sr. Pastor Scott Wagers with CHAM Deliverance Ministry of San Jose, CA teaches about Fear and how it binds.acherise2010-10-01T22:56:084,641 views00:19:45
  • RepentRepent
    Sr. Pastor Scott Wagers delivers a strong message on repentance.acherise2008-06-26T00:00:006,613 views00:15:48
  • Are You A Stumbling Block?Are You A Stumbling Block?
    Sr. Pastor Scott Wagers adds another powerful sermon featuring the message of love for your brothers and sisters in the church of Jesus Christ.acherise2008-06-03T00:00:003,633 views00:15:45
  • No CondemnationNo Condemnation
    Sr. Pastor Scott Wagers with CHAM Deliverance Ministry in San Jose, CA. teaches on Roman 8acherise2010-10-01T22:37:316,394 views00:12:04
  • We Live In A Time Of DeceptionWe Live In A Time Of Deception
    Today the Church is in a critical stance, and the blindness that has washed over those who occupy the church pews in America, as well as in all Nations, is staggering. This is not a trend that will come and go; it is Biblical prophecy being fulfi...acherise2008-06-11T00:00:005,589 views00:16:59
  • The End TimesThe End Times
    Sr. Pastor Scott Wagers delivers an important message regarding the last days. Are you ready?acherise2008-05-31T00:00:007,889 views00:17:55