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  • I'm Watching You Dad I'm Watching You Dad
    Contemplate the roles Dads play in their children's lives. Kids are watching to see if what we say matches our actions. Download floodgateproductions2010-10-01T23:32:27998,086 views00:02:41
  • Priceless SalvationPriceless Salvation
    What is your value? It's about the value that God placed on your life over 2000 year ago when He gave His only Son for you. Your life to God is Priceless, as this Christian music video so beautifully states.pam19832010-10-02T02:18:338,927 views00:01:05
  • The Armor of GodThe Armor of God
    The Armor of God Ephesians 6: 10-18pam19832010-10-02T02:18:382,145 views00:02:53
  • The Wrath Of GodThe Wrath Of God
    The truth is that the way is truly narrow and few people will find eternal life. (Matthew 7:21, Luke 13:24)

    This is Albert Martin preaching.
    pam19832010-10-02T02:18:381,278 views00:04:32
  • Ephesians 4:29 Ephesians 4:29
    More videos at How do we use our words? This video asks us to stop and take Ephesians 4:29 seriously— be the first to reject using any words that don't help th...worshiphousemedia2011-02-02T09:30:3868,285 views00:01:53
  • Casting Crowns - Courageous (Official Music Video from the Movie)Casting Crowns - Courageous (Official Music Video from the Movie)
    ABOUT COURAGEOUS, THE FILM AND THE SONG The Film: Courageous, the new action-packed movie from the creators of Fireproof, is a powerful reminder of the impact fathers have on their kids…and the legacy they will leave for future generations. Courag...casting-crowns2011-06-09T01:14:04743,321 views00:06:30
  • Better With DadsBetter With Dads
    From sports to tea parties to flying kites, kids love spending quality time with their dads. In a time when schedules are king and we let ourselves get too busy, it's important for us to remember that, for kids, things are just better with dads. M...ignitermedia2011-06-11T17:14:0416,375 views00:01:43
  • Giving InspirationGiving Inspiration
    Living a life that is committed to giving is a powerful concept-especially when its focused on more then just money. Citing quotes from writers, philosophers and Scripture, this video will inspire your church to be cheerful, willful givers in all ...steelehousemg2011-08-10T12:20:165,305 views00:02:27
  • Remember MeRemember Me
    No greater love than this that a man lay his life down for his friend. Based on John 15:13, Remember Me heralds the memorial message to remember the men and women that have sacrificed their lives that we may pursue the fullness of life. Download...seekfirstmedia2011-05-28T23:14:062,621 views00:02:47
  • Love Found MeLove Found Me
    Download this video at This powerful video will compel you to see that love is not merely something we...seekfirstmedia2011-02-02T13:25:4710,053 views00:01:55
  • God's New YearGod's New Year
    How often do we consider our ways? Too often a year will come and go without considering our ways before we jump right into the next one. This year let’s make this New Year God’s New Year. This video will help us all focus on what God wants for ...seekfirstmedia2011-12-29T15:54:1515,845 views00:02:44
  • Founding Faith (America's Heritage)Founding Faith (America's Heritage)
    This video captures the reality of the founding faith of America. An exceptional illustration for any teaching that touches upon America’s heritage, 4th of July, and the faith of our founding fathers. A very appropriate video to show during our co...seekfirstmedia2011-06-27T18:39:376,116 views00:03:22
  • Dad, a Hero (Father's Day)Dad, a Hero (Father's Day)
    Download this video at This fun-filled Father’s Day video is full of adventure, comedy, and a great message. Many young boys have dreamed of being superheroes. As dads, we ha...seekfirstmedia2011-06-16T10:39:0512,673 views00:02:59
  • Call Her BlessedCall Her Blessed
    Download this video at Mother’s Day is a celebration of one of the greatest roles ...seekfirstmedia2011-05-07T10:04:276,936 views00:02:28
  • Easter: Walls Come DownEaster: Walls Come Down
    Our sins are the walls that separate us from God. This is the reason for the cross and the reason we celebrate Easter. It is that point in history when mercy and grace came together. Download it at seekfirstmedia2011-03-22T13:17:362,577 views00:02:33
  • So Much MoreSo Much More
    Download this video at Great mini-movie that compels us to echo Christ because He made us for so much more!seekfirstmedia2010-11-11T19:17:466,749 views00:02:01