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  • The moment a cute guy falling downThe moment a cute guy falling down
    So happy! Took the moment a cute panda falling down! Lovely? If you want to watch this video on your ipad or share it as other format you can visit: http://w...sendaojp2011-05-17T05:23:33445 views00:00:21
  • Best present for mother’s dayBest present for mother’s day
    Mother’s day is coming, whether do you want to do something for your mother? Do you think make a warm slideshow for your mother is a good idea? If you want to become a master of slideshow software and make your own slideshow, feel free to spend 3 ...sendaojp2011-05-10T04:34:26345 views00:01:56
  • What can’t it do? Who is it?What can’t it do? Who is it?
    After watched this video, do you know what it do? Do you know who it is? Please vote! Thanks. Because I have to according to your vote to judge whether it successes or not…

    OK, the answer is on this page:
    sendaojp2011-03-30T23:12:39244 views00:01:32