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  • 11 Year-Old Girl Sings a Breathtaking Version of a Christian Song
    11 Year-Old Girl Sings a Breathtaking Version of a Christian Song 00:02:41
    Maddi Jane is only 11 years-old but has an incredible voice already! Listen to her sing this Fly...sharethemessage 2013-02-15T15:54:1371,684 views
  • Flyleaf - Cassie (Acoustic)
    Flyleaf - Cassie  (Acoustic)00:03:12
    Flyleaf - Cassie
    A song about the girls Cassie and Rachel, who were killed because of...
    dibromaceton 2008-03-17T00:00:0048,189 views
  • Fully Alive-Flyleaf
    Fully Alive-Flyleaf00:02:33
    Do you feel fully alive' Maybe you need another dose of christ, or you could listen to Flyleaf te...archangel011 2008-03-17T00:00:0032,387 views
  • Flyleaf - I'm So Sick
    Flyleaf - I'm So Sick00:02:59
    Flyleaf re-lanza su disco debut homonimo con cuatro pistas extras, que son versiones acusticas de...markoem 2008-03-17T00:00:0029,621 views
  • Flyleaf - Sorrow
    Flyleaf - Sorrow00:03:17
    This is the real vid of Flyleaf - Sorrowflyleafrocks 2008-05-25T00:00:0016,191 views
  • breath today-Flyleaf
    breath today-Flyleaf00:02:54
    take another look around. this band opens up and talks. all you have to do is listen, then think.archangel011 2008-03-17T00:00:0015,595 views
  • Flyleaf - Cassie Acoustic
    Flyleaf - Cassie Acoustic00:03:08
    Flyleaf - Cassie Acousticloveualways 2010-10-01T22:32:1714,121 views
  • Flyleaf - Something Better (Featuring P.O.D's Sonny Sandoval)
    Flyleaf - Something Better (Featuring P.O.D's Sonny Sandoval)00:03:14
    Flyleaf - Something Better (Featuring P.O.D's Sonny Sandoval) New Song 2013luckymann21 2013-06-19T08:29:0412,819 views
  • FlyLeaf ~Red Sam~
    FlyLeaf ~Red Sam~00:03:20
    one of my favorite songs by flyleaf!!loveualways 2010-10-01T22:28:3211,995 views
  • Arise by flyleaf amv
    Arise by flyleaf amv00:04:18
    anime music video arise by flyleaf! hope you like it!joy22296 2011-01-11T19:03:3211,092 views
  • In the dark by flyleaf amv
    In the dark by flyleaf amv00:03:46
    in the dark by flyleaf anime music video joy22296 2011-01-11T19:13:1110,741 views
  • Flyleaf - Fully Alive
    Flyleaf - Fully Alive00:02:35
    flyleaf music videocotunes 2008-03-17T00:00:0010,341 views
  • Flyleaf - I'm So Sick
    Flyleaf - I'm So Sick00:03:00
    flyleaf music videocotunes 2008-03-17T00:00:0010,005 views
  • Flyleaf - Breathe Today
    Flyleaf - Breathe Today00:02:51
    The Official Video. Yes, they are christian. :)kris10love 2008-04-06T00:00:009,963 views
  • Flyleaf - Red Sam (Acoustic Version)
    Flyleaf - Red Sam (Acoustic Version)00:03:23
    Flyleaf is the Texas alternative metal band Flyleaf's debut full-length album. Red Sam is the 8th...2nafish 2011-01-24T09:57:069,955 views
  • All around me - Flyleaf
    All around me - Flyleaf00:03:18
    LIVEgabo1 2008-03-17T00:00:009,783 views