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  • Lego batman and ROBOT shortLego batman and ROBOT short
    Batman and righty( that's the robots name) catch the robbers. the song is "Ready Set Go" by Royal taylor.monkeydude3162015-07-16T15:39:57245 views00:00:24
  • Lego minifigure Vs bionicleLego minifigure Vs bionicle
    So 3 Lego minifigures are faceing a Lego Bionicle. the song is "Hall of Fame" by the script.monkeydude3162015-07-19T19:00:01138 views00:01:17
  • Lego war of the new ageLego war of the new age
    So my lego spy/ninjas now have guns and go on a mission to distroy the evil army of clones! the song is "How far we've come" by Matchbox 20! enjoy!! if you have a song request or battle request please comment!! monkeydude3162015-07-21T16:50:03180 views00:00:57
  • Lego Water warLego Water war
    Hey Guys i am sorry my cpu are a melt down busy but here is a short lego war. my Ninjas are back to help the army when they need it must! If the song doesn't work i am really sorry. the Song(if it works) is "Hero" by Skillet please enjoy and thank...monkeydude3162015-09-12T17:16:49129 views00:00:29
  • Lego Gandalf's epic battle for ice creamLego Gandalf's epic battle for ice cream
    Hi guys! Sorry its been so long i've been really busy with football. So my cousin made this(He is better then me by far), and i take no credit except posting it! Enjoymonkeydude3162015-12-30T19:06:4546 views00:03:07
  • Top ten Tobymac Songs.Top ten Tobymac Songs.
    So i know this is kinda a different video for me. If you want to see more top ten just tell me! Sorry that some of the covers are the wrong ones but my program glitched. Enjoy!!monkeydude3162016-05-10T22:32:43121 views00:06:38
  • Save the Storm Troopers // Lego stop motion//Save the Storm Troopers // Lego stop motion//
    Hey guys! here's a short little stop motion a threw together! Enjoy!monkeydude3162016-05-12T15:42:2249 views00:01:00
  • Lego Obi-Wan's Day Off // Lego Stop MotionLego Obi-Wan's Day Off // Lego Stop Motion
    Hey guys! I was bored Yea!
    Please enjoy the video and like and comment! also if you have a video request please comment it! God Bless! :D
    monkeydude3162016-05-20T17:47:2542 views00:00:47
  • Lego Star wars // battle of the bounty// StopmotionLego Star wars // battle of the bounty// Stopmotion
    Hey guys! Here is another stopmotion for you please enjoy!monkeydude3162016-05-21T21:47:2847 views00:01:13
  • Lego Grape Juice Quest!?Lego Grape Juice Quest!?
    Hey Guys! Sorry for the wait! Also Sorry this one has no audio..... but yay i hope you enjoy! and if you'd like to see more stopmotion please like and sub! if you have a request please comment! Thanks Guys!monkeydude3162016-07-26T20:57:4343 views00:00:32