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  • Under His WingsUnder His Wings
    God, the Father, is likened unto the eagle. He always soars above the storm. Spread your wings, surrender to the wind, submit to His wisdom, soar under His watchfulness, and see the wonder of His working.

    deborahess2010-11-06T21:50:032,180 views00:03:56
  • Stations of the CrossStations of the Cross
    During Lent, we get the sence of what God did for us and why he had to endure all that he did.we get the sence of what he went through, through the station of the cross.nyakarungu2010-10-02T00:38:492,199 views00:04:42
  • For the Beauty of the EarthFor the Beauty of the Earth
    A music video I made by compiling various motion backgrounds and setting it to the song "For the Beauty of the Earth" sung here by Barlow Girl.sarahmokwa2010-10-01T23:39:002,763 views00:03:22
  • For the Beauty of the Earth - BarlowGirlFor the Beauty of the Earth - BarlowGirl
    This is a video of BarlowGirl's version of the hymn "For the Beauty of the Earth" to some pics. Isn't God's earth just amazingly beautiful? :)onmyknees1212010-10-01T23:21:034,702 views00:03:25
  • Carry My Cross by Third Day (with computer graphics)Carry My Cross by Third Day (with computer graphics)
    Carry My Cross by Third Day (Lyrics) As long as I remember, I've been walking through the wilderness. Praying to the Father And waiting for my time. I've come here with a mission and soon I'll give my life for this world! I'm praying in the garden...talithakoumi32010-10-01T22:29:5725,078 views00:05:09
  • By the Way of the CrossBy the Way of the Cross
    A music video I put together for choir and soloist at Emmanuel Baptist Church.revrobertdavis2008-03-17T00:00:005,217 views00:05:24
  • Carry My Cross with Jesus FilmCarry My Cross with Jesus Film
    This is the song "Carry My Cross" by Third Day with scenes from the Jesus Film. It's like a personal explanation from Jesus about why He came, why He suffered, and why He died.preacherwitt2010-10-02T02:10:33768 views00:05:10