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  • Jack Mood The Science DudeJack Mood The Science Dude
    Life Night Theme: The Existence of God

    Our own resident Mad Scientist Jack Mood attempts various experiments to introduce and prove to the teens that God exists....
    rowenamartin2010-10-01T23:47:062,190 views00:12:16
  • The Okrah ShowThe Okrah Show
    Theme of Life Night: Knowing Yourself

    Life Teen's talkshow hostess, Okrah, interviews Dr. Bill about America's epidemic of not knowing themselves and their identity....
    rowenamartin2010-10-01T23:47:452,462 views00:05:52
  • Crack The EggCrack The Egg
    Name of the Game: Crack the Egg

    Compe@@!!ors: The Egg (the one who sits) and The Cracker (the one who jumps)

    Object of the Game: Who will crack first? The Egg or the Cracker, last one standing wins...
    rowenamartin2010-10-01T23:47:462,216 views00:00:52
  • Give It Away SkitGive It Away Skit
    Theme of the Life Night: Give It Away Now (all the excess in our life)rowenamartin2010-10-01T23:47:462,467 views00:06:02
  • MASSive Game ShowMASSive Game Show
    Theme of LifeNight: The Holy Catholic Mass

    LifeTeen's gameshow host, Chuck Brickman, questions teens on the parts of the mass... winner goes up against our Youth Minister Beckee!
    rowenamartin2010-10-01T23:47:532,254 views00:11:26
  • Fall Retreat Rules SkitFall Retreat Rules Skit
    LifeTeen Fall Retreat 2008 up at Camp Tepeyak, Prescott, AZ. Rules for the retreat.... Core had fun with it, and kids got a good chuckle.rowenamartin2010-10-01T23:47:542,531 views00:06:56
  • Mocha Frappachino - Fake Retreat SongMocha Frappachino - Fake Retreat Song
    "Mocha Frappachino" by Bob S.

    We used this song to introduce our teens to the Fake Retreat part of our retreat. The whole idea that being a "good person" is good enough, when in face its not... there's so much more to i...
    rowenamartin2010-10-01T23:47:543,202 views00:05:32
  • Saturday Retreat YogaSaturday Retreat Yoga
    What better way to start off the first full day of retreat than a Yoga session, led by Core members.rowenamartin2010-10-01T23:47:552,015 views00:08:57