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  • Sister of Ben Breedlove Delivers POWERFUL Speech At His FuneralSister of Ben Breedlove Delivers POWERFUL Speech At His Funeral
    Ally Breedlove had a special brother...and she knew it. :) They both shared a huge love for Christ and there is no doubt that Ben is rejoicing in heaven right now. Ally shares this incredible story of a conversation her and Ben had just a few nigh...inspiredfaith2012-01-04T12:24:1477,865 views00:05:39
  • Tim Hawkins - Have You Eaten?Tim Hawkins - Have You Eaten?
    We would be lost without our moms. Rooms around the world would be eternally dirty, meals would be continuously skipped and curfews would never be enforced. Tim Hawkins shares his hysterical recollection of the dear mother that shaped him into the...timhawkinscomedy2011-08-01T14:00:07239,204 views00:01:40
  • Unforgettable Church Proposal - Sailor Surprises Girlfriend With Early HomecomingUnforgettable Church Proposal - Sailor Surprises Girlfriend With Early Homecoming
    This is one proposal you will not forget! Anthony Ley, a Navy Sailor, had been on duty for 10 months, away from his girlfriend and family. Not only does he surprise her with an early homecoming, but he pops the big question in front of her church ...keephopealive2011-07-19T12:14:15100,728 views00:03:15
  • Tim Hawkins - On the Perils of Childhood (With Bob John)Tim Hawkins - On the Perils of Childhood (With Bob  John)
    What do hot metal slides, paddle ball and Wii baseball all have in common? They can be dangerous and sometimes painful! In this hysterical video, Tim, Bob and John reminisce of these dangerous toys that we can all relate to! Share your funny story...timhawkinscomedy2011-06-27T15:09:41165,773 views00:02:50
  • Cody's Story - IgniterMedia.comCody's Story -
    Cody lost his legs when he was just a baby, but he hasn’t let that keep him from chasing his dreams. Whatever challenges and setbacks you face, God still has big plans for you, and your attitude can make all the difference. Buy Now: ignitermedia2011-02-25T00:17:30108,229 views00:03:50
  • AMAZING Human Drama Video AMAZING Human Drama Video
    WARNING! This video will cause goose bumps--especially at the end! :) May this video bless you and others! Song 'Our God Reigns' by Delirious?

    From the National Fine Arts Festival in Detroit, MI. The Remnant Omega from Faith Assembly of Go...
    theremix2011-02-01T17:35:54150,098 views00:06:57
  • Dog Becomes Mother to Orphaned KittensDog Becomes Mother to Orphaned Kittens
    Even God places kindness and love in nature. This is one of those stories that will make you say awwwww. What a mothers love when two of diffrent species bond and become family. A good example of how we as humans should act and treat each other. D...midnightseven2009-03-14T00:00:0027,323 views00:02:29