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  • Hummingbirds and GodHummingbirds and God
    I have 8 feeders up and about 40 hummingbirds. They are amazing. A wonderful creation of God.ron50062014-06-23T23:32:43792 views00:02:49
  • Christian or CounterfeitChristian or Counterfeit
    Where is the Church today.
    How many members are really going to Heaven.
    ron50062014-05-27T00:37:53228 views00:04:48
  • Early Christian AmericaEarly Christian America
    History of early American Christianity, including 'State Religions'.ron50062014-01-29T17:48:44362 views00:08:41
  • I Didn't Understand ChristianityI Didn't Understand Christianity
    I grew up in church but I didn't understand Christianity.ron50062013-06-21T00:09:04415 views00:02:40
  • Can You Hear the Cry 2Can You Hear the Cry 2
    America is falling. Will she survive? What hope is there for America?
    Some may not understand that freedom is a Christian thing.
    I know that everyone in America is not a Christian and I will not, (as if I could) force them to be.
    ron50062013-05-14T11:49:36424 views00:04:44
  • Can You Hear The CryCan You Hear The Cry
    Just as in Nazi Germany, Complacent Christianity is the reason millions are being slaughtered in America todayron50062013-05-11T22:44:34473 views00:03:01