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  • ReasonReason
    I am sorry but I am unable to comply with requests for copies of this video at this time.

    This is a video that a fellow college student gave to me a while back. It was arranged by a youth group somewhere here in the United States. I do not wi...
    benedictkjs2008-03-17T00:00:00213,312 views00:03:53
  • Satan's meetingSatan's meeting
    Satan's meeting: about how he keeps the Christians to busy and pulled away from the relationship with Jesus Christ our Savior.
    revterry12008-03-17T00:00:00331,943 views00:05:28
  • GODTUBE EXCLUSIVE! Disciple - Lay My Burdens Music VideoGODTUBE EXCLUSIVE! Disciple - Lay My Burdens Music Video
    OFFICIAL GODTUBE DEBUT! The brand new music video for Disciple's song Lay My Burdensdisciple2010-10-02T01:18:3520,093 views00:05:04
  • Crimson BloodCrimson Blood
    Through the shed blood of Christ, we can know our sins are washed away. As far as the east is from the west so far has He removed our transgressions from us. What a great price was paid, as heaven gave the most precious gift of all, God's Son.soundingjoy2010-10-02T01:10:262,341 views00:05:57
  • Are You Amazed - IgniterMedia.comAre You Amazed -
    It is clear from the gospels that wherever Jesus went, the people were amazed. Whether rich or poor, young or old, for Him or against Him, they were all amazed. Music by Phillips, Craig & Dean. Footage from the movie "Jesus of Nazareth".
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    ignitermedia2010-10-02T01:05:3126,238 views00:05:11
  • aftet the worldaftet the world
    God's lovemyboo2010-10-02T01:03:052,274 views00:04:01
  • Proof - IgniterMedia.comProof -
    Most of us have thought how much easier it would be to follow God if we could just see Him once. The truth, though, is that He is all around us. We just fail to see recognize the evidence. There are many things, like gravity for example, which we...ignitermedia2010-10-02T01:00:2427,077 views00:02:35
  • armegedonarmegedon
    2012 armegedonlazybone20092010-10-02T00:59:051,336 views00:03:45
  • You Do The Math - IgniterMedia.comYou Do The Math -
    Faith versus works is a debate that still continues. Can we work our way to heaven? Can we obtain salvation simply through faith regardless of how we live? This video investigates how the truth really adds up.ignitermedia2010-10-02T00:57:4233,418 views00:03:37
  • Phil Wickham - Cannons (with images/lyrics)Phil Wickham - Cannons (with images/lyrics)
    This is Phil Wickham's magnificent song "Cannons". I heard it in church this morning for the first time, and the imagery was amazing for me, so I knew I had to put together a video for it. When we witness the wonders of God's creation we...bobmarshall2010-10-02T00:49:264,564 views00:04:12
  • You're Beautiful by Phil WickhamYou're Beautiful by Phil Wickham
    Phil Wickham's You're Beautiful with lyrics and picturesmindmaze10012010-10-02T00:35:0710,640 views00:04:52
  • Jeremy Camp - There Will Be A Day Video DevotionalJeremy Camp - There Will Be A Day Video Devotional
    Jeremy Camp shares his heart and a devotional based on his hit song, "There Will Be A Day." Buy the Fan Pack version of his new album at and get video devotionals for each song on the new record!

    (P) (C) 2011 BEC Recordings. A...
    jeremy-camp2010-10-01T23:48:2275,988 views00:03:16
  • Easter Sermon Video - True Love by Phil WickhamEaster Sermon Video - True Love by Phil Wickham
    Short music video built for our church to use for our Easter service. Music and lyrics by Phil Wickhem.

    Created by Shining Beacon.
    shiningbeacon2008-03-17T00:00:0045,110 views00:04:10
  • By His WoundsBy His Wounds
    This is the music video for By His Wounds. I hope everyone enjoys!david-nasser2008-03-17T00:00:00100,898 views00:04:05
  • The Crowd Or The Cross - IgniterMedia.comThe Crowd Or The Cross -
    It can be a bit jarring when you look at the difference between what the world believes and what Christ taught. This video compares what the crowd says and what the Cross says. Music by the Robbie Seay Band.
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    ignitermedia2010-10-02T00:59:0416,409 views00:03:14