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  • My month in Haiti - December 2009/January 2010My month in Haiti - December 2009/January 2010
    Last Christmas break, I spent a month in Haiti. The first 3 weeks were in Port-au-Prince and the last week was in Cap-Haitien. Ever since I first went to Haiti, I have never been the same. I came home changed and that happens after every trip. To ...robertmeyer2010-10-02T01:57:52858 views00:11:23
  • Haiti 3 - January 2009Haiti 3 - January 2009
    A video slideshow from my third mission trip to Haiti. It is a lot like the previous one but shorter and different songs. I love it there.robertmeyer2010-10-02T01:57:52677 views00:09:16
  • Haiti Mission Trip - January 2007Haiti Mission Trip - January 2007
    This is a video slideshow of my first mission trip to Haiti in January of 2007. Contrary to popular belief, Haiti is truly a beautiful and lush country. I hope that you will be moved by watching this.robertmeyer2010-10-02T01:57:52608 views00:18:07