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  • Apostolic Voice: Restoring Faith-part 1Apostolic Voice: Restoring Faith-part 1
    God is reviving, renewing, and restoring the Church through Apostolic Goverance: www.apostleeric.coms8w2008-07-21T00:00:006,208 views00:28:08
  • Americas Crumbling PowerAmericas Crumbling Power
    Welcome to Beginning of Sorrows � Part Two. The question on everyones mind is: Are we in the end times? Picking up on his message from Leviticus chapter 26 Ap...s8w2010-10-01T23:32:323,277 views00:26:39
  • Restoring HopeRestoring Hope
    In these last days God is restoring hope in the Second Covenant of our Lord Jesus Christ and restoring true discernment to the church. The Bible says, â��Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord...s8w2010-10-01T23:30:032,186 views00:29:24
  • Journey of Self DiscoveryJourney of Self Discovery
    There is so much potential in the human soul and tremendous drive to be all one can be. But is this the path God designed for life? Is life a journey of self discovery? Satan plays upon this need man has to know himself and charged the Christian f...s8w2008-09-26T00:00:002,433 views00:29:58
  • Escaping Satan's AbusesEscaping Satan's Abuses
    Welcome to Part Two of Apostle Erics September 19th, 2008 live radio message. As God transitions the church back to the covenant of Jesus Christ Christians are being released from Satanâ�&i...s8w2008-09-19T00:00:002,444 views00:29:49
  • Is Wealth a Deception of the Mind?Is Wealth a Deception of the Mind?
    Welcome friends to another radio broadcast by Chief Apostle Dr. Eric vonAnderseck. As God restores the office of apostle to the church He is also returning the church to His knowledge. Is.5:13 says: Therefore my people are gone into captivity, bec...s8w2010-10-01T23:27:242,885 views00:29:55
  • Clemency By CovenantClemency By Covenant
    As world banks fall and wars erupt almost overnight, the world finds itself in a grip of fear that seems to tighten daily. As global leaders gather to find solutions, Christians are also looking to their spiritual leaders for guidance and hope. &a...s8w2010-10-01T23:49:192,813 views00:04:04
  • Global Terrror -Part 2Global Terrror -Part 2
    Part Two . . .Listeners are invited to join Apostle Eric for part two of his expounding on Revelation chapter 14 verses 1-8. Part Two features these important topics: The echoes of Satanâ��s king...s8w2010-10-01T23:24:472,128 views00:27:05
  • Global TerrorGlobal Terror
    Part One. . .If you havenâ��t had time to learn about Gods plan for the end times and Tribulation, Apostle Eric opens up the book of Revelation to you. Expounding from Revelation chapter 14 verse...s8w2008-09-14T00:00:002,470 views00:28:37
  • Cleansing the House of GodCleansing the House of God
    Preaching from Nehemiah chapter 13 Apostle Eric brings to the attention of the church that today, as in the days of Nehemiah, God is cleansing His house. Christians are called to again speak one language of truth, embrace one doctrine of Christ, a...s8w2010-10-01T23:24:342,900 views00:20:41
  • The Word of the Lord: My Hand Is In Your Fields.The Word of the Lord: My Hand Is In Your Fields.
    For years the Lord has been speaking through Apostle Eric, calling the church home to Him, returning the church to the Oath of the Lord and true history of God. The Lord recently spoke again saying: My hand is in your fields. This precious word of...s8w2008-08-25T00:00:002,860 views00:20:33
  • False RevivalsFalse Revivals
    Every Friday Apostle Eric delivers the word of the Lord live as guest on Rev. Tillmons Radio program. Todays message is part 2 of Apostle Erics August 15, 2008 broadcast. The Spirit of the Lord ministers to the church about false revivals, speaki...s8w2008-08-15T00:00:003,637 views00:22:14
  • Back to the Rock of ChristBack to the Rock of Christ
    Video copy of live Radio Broadcast by Apostle Eric delivered 2008-08-29: Picking up his teaching from St Johnâ��s first epistle, Apostle Eric addresses these things in part one of this broadcast:...s8w2010-10-01T23:19:231,502 views00:29:44
  • Dawning of New DayDawning of New Day
    In part two of Apostle Erics August 29th radio broadcast he continues on expounding from St Johns first epistle. In this sermon the Lord is ministering to those of hungry hearts about the dawning of the new day for the church. . . For a long time ...s8w2008-08-29T00:00:002,420 views00:29:12
  • Near Conversion ExperiencesNear Conversion Experiences
    Every Friday Apostle Eric delivers the word of the Lord live as guest on Rev. Tillmons Radio program. In todays broadcast Apostle Eric again lifts the veil of ignorance from the church teaching about Near Conversion Experiences, False Regeneration...s8w2008-08-16T00:00:003,681 views00:26:43
  • Restoring Faith Part 2Restoring Faith Part 2
    Part 2 of a recent live radio broadcast. Apostle Eric delivers a hallenging message that gives hope to the church: www.apostleeric.coms8w2010-10-01T23:03:395,529 views00:29:09