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  • Francis Chan - Hell: We can't afford to get it wrongFrancis Chan - Hell: We can't afford to get it wrong
    Important message from Francis Chan, Hell: We can't afford to get it wrong. br /Erasing Hell will be coming out July 5th. When sharing this video on twitter please use #Erasinghelldavidccook2011-05-23T19:09:3664,284 views00:09:42
  • Your WordsYour Words
    Download Here:
    Words hold incredible power. As Christians we should fill our words with Love. This video explains that our words can play a vital role into brining a life closer to God.
    jamesgrocho2012-08-14T23:04:0414,298 views00:02:05
  • PossessionsPossessions
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    We all tend to put our possession above God.
    We seek our treasures first...
    jamesgrocho2012-04-16T12:49:0512,148 views00:01:10
  • Why We Worship TogetherWhy We Worship Together
    During worship we close our eyes, try to focus and shut out distractions. But there is a powerful reason we gather for worship and do it together. The Bible says that God inhabits the praises of His people! In fact it is the destiny of all mankind...worshiphousemedia2011-08-03T12:05:1616,819 views00:02:32
  • Powerful Illustration: This is DisciplingPowerful Illustration: This is Discipling
    What would it look like if, as leaders, we focused less on the things that make our churches entertaining and more on making disciples? As shown by Kelly Tshibaka at Foursquare Connection 2011. Kelly and Niki Tshibaka own all the rights to the vid...godtube-inspiration2011-08-16T16:10:29178,541 views00:01:58
  • The Book of Acts in 3 Minutes The Book of Acts in 3 Minutes
    Enjoy!khenny2012-02-23T16:14:0642,620 views00:03:00
  • Why Pray?Why Pray?
    Why pray? The inspiring video reminds us that without prayer and connection with God, that we are helpless on our own. JOIN MILLIONS ON MAY 3, 2012 FOR THE NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER! Check out this video by,557 views00:02:19
  • Why you do the things you doWhy you do the things you do Learn how God designed you as body, soul, and spirit - and how your mind, will, and emotions figure in to the decisions you make and the rol...christianhomeandfamily2012-09-13T03:24:07262 views00:11:22
  • Who Am I Lord? (Identity in Christ/Exchanged Life)Who Am I Lord? (Identity in Christ/Exchanged Life)
    Exchanged Life: Behavior & worldview projects from personal identity! This little short-film is a great tool to use to open discussion, or thought, about one's identity in Christ - or lack of it. - Dr. Phinney drphinney2012-09-19T17:34:0654,840 views00:01:35
  • Fruit of the Spirit - An illustrationFruit of the Spirit - An illustration
    What seeds are you planting today? Are they seeds that will produce a bad crop of a good crop?inspiredfaith2013-01-09T15:54:0859,274 views00:01:57