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  • Forgiving the Unforgivable - Pt 2Forgiving the Unforgivable - Pt 2
    This week we look at 4 powerful, biblical principles to help you forgive someone for any offense no matter how intense it is. raybuc132012-05-26T09:24:05221 views00:18:36
  • Unforgiven? NO WAY!!!Unforgiven?  NO WAY!!!
    This teaching shows an incredibly exciting truth that will encourage Christians, but especially help those who have a hard time receiving God's forgiveness or cannot forgive themselves.raybuc132012-05-04T23:19:04256 views00:18:15
  • Fuhgetaboutit!Fuhgetaboutit!
    This week we are looking at at an important topic that is has a very common misconception about it, but is important to the victorious Christian life. It is about 13 minutes long and is well worth the time! May God richly bless you as you listen!raybuc132012-04-28T00:29:07354 views00:13:48
  • Judge Not... That Includes Yourself!Judge Not... That Includes Yourself!
    This week looks at a critical ingredient to a abundant, satisfying Christian life with some critical Biblical points to bring an important balance.raybuc132012-04-19T22:54:04583 views00:11:26
  • Just Thinking of YouJust Thinking of You
    You are never alone. The Lord thinks about you constantly. You're not only on His mind, but He made a way for His thoughts and plans to be implemented in your life!raybuc132012-04-13T00:47:44326 views00:07:39
  • A Healing Word For Today - 04-08-2012A Healing Word For Today - 04-08-2012
    This brief encouraging teaching deals with finding true, fulfilling life in relationship with Jesus alone. Other things won't satisfy. As the angels said to Mary Magdalene and the other ladies, "Why do you look for the living amonth the dead?"raybuc132012-04-06T00:44:06291 views00:12:41