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  • Superchick - Bowling BallSuperchick - Bowling Ball
    OK, so it's been a while since I've made a video of pictures of my cat, so I decided to make another! Bowling Ball is an older Superchick song, but it's one of my favorites :)rawkgirl2010-10-02T02:11:33935 views00:03:03
  • Eleventyseven - Love In Your ArmsEleventyseven - Love In Your Arms
    I did a video with my cat, Buddy! He is usually incredible lazy, so I was surprised I got him to move as much as he did in this video...for some of it, when I was filming I had a hard time not laughing! LOL! Sorry it doesn't have the whole song......rawkgirl2010-10-02T01:17:261,455 views00:01:37
  • Natalie Grant - Our Hope Endures - Our Cancer StoryNatalie Grant - Our Hope Endures - Our Cancer Story
    I put this video together to tell our cancer story. It all started when my dad was diagnosed with cancer...
    ...please forgive any misspellings...
    rawkgirl2010-10-02T00:42:592,457 views00:04:24
  • Hawk Nelson - Head On CollisionHawk Nelson - Head On Collision
    This is my second picture video. This one only has Buddy because I used most of my Tiger pictures (she, Tiger, died last year). I used the song Head on Collision by Hawk Nelson.rawkgirl2010-10-02T00:41:422,658 views00:04:21
  • TobyMac - SuddenlyTobyMac - Suddenly
    This is a picture video that I put together of our cats to the TobyMac song Suddenly. Buddy is the big, fat black cat. Tiger is the small striped cat. Tiger died March 23rd, 2008.rawkgirl2010-10-02T00:30:404,497 views00:03:53