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  • Never Alone by Barlow GirlNever Alone by Barlow Girl
    This is the Offical Never Alone Music Video, from their lastest Cd Another Journal Entry EXPANDED EDITION.zoekat172008-03-17T00:00:00501,098 views00:04:30
  • Building 429 - Glory DefinedBuilding 429 - Glory Defined
    The music video for "Glory Defined" by Building 429atlantafest-owner2008-03-17T00:00:0014,665 views00:03:25
  • Tenth Avenue North - Losing (Official Music Video)Tenth Avenue North - Losing (Official Music Video)
    Tenth Avenue North delivers yet again another powerful song with lyrics that will convict your heart and uplift your soul. It's a nice reminder, that while we all may fall short many times in our lives, we are always forgiven in Christ! Buy it her...tenth-avenue-north2012-08-07T22:59:0582,288 views00:03:36
  • John 3:16John 3:16
    Nothing is more important than sharing the life changing message of Jesus Christ's love. Download a free resource today to tell someone you know:

salempartners2012-01-17T18:29:23102,861 views00:00:39
  • Tim Hawkins - What I Believe (GodTube Exclusive)Tim Hawkins - What I Believe (GodTube Exclusive)
    We all know the humorous side of Tim, but underneath the funny exterior is a man with a huge heart for Christ. Enjoy this EXCLUSIVE performance of the heartfelt ballad What I Believe by Tim Hawkins. Part of Tim's new Rockshow Comedy Tour DVD and C...timhawkinscomedy2011-12-05T14:56:32184,247 views00:04:44
  • John Branyan - Smoking In ChurchJohn Branyan - Smoking In Church
    John's hilarious take on smoking in church - and in other places that might not be the most appropriate.timhawkinscomedy2011-12-01T14:41:28100,787 views00:01:52
  • Amazing GraceAmazing Grace
    An emotional video where people hold up signs describing how their lives have changed. The stories are all true... and it's all thanks to God's Amazing Grace. This video and more can be purchased from CentralFilms - centralfilms2011-11-20T13:09:5431,894 views00:02:16
  • I'm a Guru - Tribute to Church Tech VolunteersI'm a Guru - Tribute to Church Tech Volunteers
    You don't have to be a techie to find this rap absolutely funny! It takes many people with various talents to pull off church on Sunday morning. To all you volunteers out there--THANK YOU for your service! Video done by: alegator212011-11-11T14:45:11134,977 views00:03:24
  • Tim Hawkins - Pretty Pink TractorTim Hawkins - Pretty Pink Tractor
    This video has everything: Cletus, line dancing, french onion dip, puppets, hay bales… What more do you want, people? From Tim's new Pretty Pink Tractor CD which also includes The Government Can, Homeschool Blues, and 14 more new and classic comed...timhawkinscomedy2011-11-09T13:24:59401,829 views00:03:59
    It's only funny if you make it funny. If anything, I thought it was funny and so did our old lady actor.
    followinghimtoday2011-10-17T19:54:23108,816 views00:00:46
  • Trust FallTrust Fall
    Have you ever struggled with trusting Jesus? Human nature often keeps us from the very thing that will help us trust Him more. Buy here: http://www.worshiphou...worshiphousemedia2011-08-08T02:00:1177,717 views00:02:21
  • Invite by The Sound TankInvite by The Sound Tank
    This short, humorous video teaches us not judge people by their appearance, but to see them as Christ sees them.
    andrewmanzano2011-07-19T17:59:1438,244 views00:01:20
  • Drive-thru ChurchDrive-thru Church
    Can you have it your way?ourprecioussavior2011-06-08T18:19:0482,729 views00:05:11
  • Unbelievable DogUnbelievable Dog
    Share This With Someone To Make Their Day A Little Betterkengentry1002011-05-07T21:49:3357,689 views00:01:14
  • How to WorshipHow to Worship
    A very funny instructional film on how to worship appropriately. Created by Fairwood Church:,345 views00:03:41
  • I am Man - I am WomanI am Man - I am Woman
    Funny perspective from a man, and a woman.inspiredfaith2011-04-06T13:02:4844,168 views00:02:06