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The FIT in Faith Podcast: A Show for Founders, Innovators, and Trailblazers

The FIT in Faith Podcast: A Show for Founders, Innovators, and Trailblazers

Tamra Andress

Ep 416: Craving Christ: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Finding God's Truth | Tamra Andress

November 23, 2023   ●   61 min

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In this powerful episode of The F.I.T. in Faith Podcast, join host Tamra Andress as she takes the stage at the 2023 Embrace Your Ambition Conference. With raw honesty and unwavering conviction, Tamra dives deep into the dark corners of our lives where deception and societal norms often lurk.

Tamra shares her personal journey of overcoming limiting beliefs, shedding light on the hidden truths that often go unnoticed. From the allure of societal indulgences to the struggle for genuine community, Tamra challenges us to confront our cravings and align them with our faith.

Get ready for a transformational experience as Tamra invites you to step into the light, uncover the deceptions that hold you back, and reclaim your true purpose. Discover the power of obedience, discipline, and the pursuit of righteousness that leads to freedom and longevity.

Are you ready to break free from the deception and live in the fullness of God's grace? Tune in, take notes, and start your journey toward becoming all that you were meant to be.


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