The 95 Podcast: Conversations for Small-Church Pastors

The 95 Podcast: Conversations for Small-Church Pastors

Dale Sellers and Caralee Culpepper

Bridging The Minority Gap With Intentional Relationships w Hykeng Paul Episode 133

June 14, 2022   ●   53 min

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In today’s episode, we’re catching up with Hykeng Paul, the Director of Unity and Diversity at Newspring Church here in South Carolina. As a black man who grew up in the AME church and then began attending a predominantly white church, Hykeng has a unique perspective on racial separation in congregations. He’s a wealth of knowledge about the history of the black church and what led us to where we are today.

During our conversation, Hykeng brings a welcome perspective to the table about why tackling this issue should be a priority in our churches and what we can do about it. He gives some practical first steps for pursuing unity—the first being just simply to start praying about it. Our open and honest conversation was a blessing to me, and I hope it will be to you.

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