Reframed: The Power of Perspective

Reframed: The Power of Perspective

Carley Marcouillier

Why God’s Promises Are Essential for Reframing Our Thoughts

May 12, 2021   ●   24 min

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Have you ever felt like God has broken his promises to you? Me too! So how do we trust God when the reality of our experiences makes it hard?

Growing up, I had learned about the many promises of God. Yet without even realizing it, I had somehow replaced God’s truth with my faulty perspective. Consequently, the expectations I held lacked substance when my reality seemed to reflect the absence of God’s presence rather than the abundance of His promises.

We believe God promises comfort, yet we mourn.
We believe God promises peace, yet we worry.
We believe God promises hope, yet we feel hopeless.
We believe God promises love, yet we experience loss.

What have we missed? Where have our perspectives gone wrong?

Looking back to God’s Word, we can begin to reframe our shattered views and build a firm foundation for a faith that regulates our feelings while boldly believing in God’s unchanging nature.

It’s important that we deconstruct the abstract concept of “God’s promises.”

Here is the simple reality: We are promised, Christ. Nothing more, nothing less.

ALL of God’s promises throughout Scripture point to the sufficiency and supremacy of the Triune God.

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