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Growing Home Together Podcast

Rob & Joanna Teigen

Episode 60: The Impact of Prayer on Your Marriage—with Estrella Rogers

November 8, 2022   ●   44 min

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Do you ever feel disappointed or discouraged in your marriage? As wives, I (Joanna) know we want to know how to bring life to our marriages when we’re losing hope. I know so many women, despite their love for their husbands, feel discouraged in their marriages. Their husbands may seem distant and like he doesn’t want to work on a close relationship, or the communication has broken down, and they find themselves often in conflict. Can you relate?

Today, I am having a conversation with Estrella Rogers, a licensed counselor, author, speaker, and founder of Star Level Coaching, where she coaches couples to build strong and lasting relationships. She is also a wife and a mom that has experienced the power of prayer in her own family. Listen in as Estrella shares how wives can encourage, pray, and love their husbands through life’s challenges.

Estrella shares with us:

- What to do when you “hit a wall” in your marriage
- The power of praying for your husband
- How to be supportive when it feels like you can’t fix the circumstances
- The importance of self-evaluation
- And more!

We hope you enjoy this conversation!

Show Notes:
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