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Growing Home Together Podcast

Rob & Joanna Teigen

Episode 58: Understanding the Complexities of Adoption—with Brittany Salmon

October 11, 2022   ●   39 min

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Rob and I have four biological children, and eight years ago our family grew again through adoption. We are so grateful that God gave us the best gift in the courtroom that day, but we also had no idea what the journey ahead would hold. When we read Brittany Salmon’s book, It Takes More Than Love, we felt seen and understood.

Today, we’re welcoming Brittany onto the podcast! She is a professor, writer, and Bible teacher with a MA in Intercultural Studies. Brittany and her husband, Ben, have seen God do incredible things in their lives, and are passionate about advocating for the adoptive community.

Whether you have considered adoption yourself, are an adoptive parent, or just want to learn how to better support those in the adoptive or foster care communities, this episode is for you.

Brittany shares with us:

- God’s intervention in their journey of infertility
- The different types of adoption that are possible
- Why we need to listen to all the voices in “the adoptive triad”
- Whether you should pursue adoption if your spouse isn’t 100% on-board
- How to be supportive even if you can’t adopt right now

We hope you enjoy this conversation!

Show Notes:
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