Get Your Brave On with Amanda Carroll

Get Your Brave On with Amanda Carroll

Amanda Carroll

#15 The Brave Question to Ask God: Dear God it's me...what do you want to accomplish with my life before I die?

June 28, 2022   ●   38 min

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Are you lost? Are you searching for more meaning in your life and don't know where to find it. Listen to Marilyn Anniker's story. She shares how God answered this BRAVE prayer:
"God What do You Want to do with my Life".

I met Marilyn at a funeral. Her husband and my boyfriend, Sean, once worked for the man whose life we were celebrating that day. She said I looked familiar... we realized she listens to me on the radio on 103.9 The Fish in Sacramento every day. We were instant friends.

When she shared with me her story of adopting 5 siblings from Russia, and then "stepped into their fear" to help them overcome trauma, I had to have her on this podcast! You need to hear it! When you hear how God answered her prayer for meaning, our prayer is you will ask God the same thing too and watch him work!

Highlights in this Episode

1:40 We Met at a Funeral. Perfect place to share your own life story.
3:13 When she prayed "God what do you want to accomplish in my life before I die". She wrote it down and put it in her bible THEN....
7:20 When God put 5 "thumbprints" on her heart to adopt.
9:10 How God answered her prayer: "God what is it that YOU want to accomplish in my life"?
15:22 Believing God for $100,000 to adopt the 5 children
26:22 How she "stepped into their fear" to help her children.
35:01 Marilyn prays for YOU


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