Get Your Brave On with Amanda Carroll

Get Your Brave On with Amanda Carroll

Amanda Carroll

Brave Lesson 13: Blue Elephants and an Aussie

June 14, 2022   ●   37 min

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You just visualized a blue elephant, didn’t you? What you focus on will end up happening. Digging deep with Joel Smallbone from For King and Country in this episode. You will learn how to look differently at the plot twists of your life. Maybe that could be the best thing that ever happened to you! Joel shares about how New Kids on the Block are the reason why they didn’t end up being a “pop duo”, how their plot twist created the greatest song that launched their career “Proof of Your Love” and the most interesting conversation on how maybe we are in charge of our own “prophecy”.

Inside scoop: I was told Joel was not able to do video for this podcast, and that he needed to record earlier than planned. So I quickly set up from home, no makeup on, under-eye patches on and he answers with video! Haha! That moment was fun.

1:00… OMG, He turned his camera on and I had gold eye patches on!

6:01…Joel’s brother… Luke Smallbone photo bomb’s our video!

7:30… Could prophecy be an understanding that we are co-creators with God?

16:30… every major label told them no. New Kids On the Block beat them out and are the reason they aren’t a pop duo?

21:30 “you’re so focused on how your environment will affect you, maybe you should focus on how you are called to affect your environment.” -On For King and Country’s decision to become a Christian band instead of a pop duo.

33:00 Joe’s “charge” for you to live a more strong and courageous life

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