Famous at Home

Famous at Home

Dr. Josh and Christi Straub

Safety: Why Emotional Safety is the Anchor for Lasting Family Connection

November 10, 2022   ●   48 min

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This week, we kick off a brand new series called Words that Matter for Your Family. For the next few weeks we'll be talking about words that better help us show up for our spouse and kids. To begin, we start by talking about the word "safety," what it is and how we cultivate it.

In this episode Josh and Christi talk about:

- How to pursue your spouse's heart using emotional vocabulary
- The way relational warmth wires your child's brain for relationships
- Why posture is more important than technique in parenting
- How to calm your child's brain when they are in the midst of fight, flight, or freeze
- Ways to focus on who you are becoming as an adult

Show Notes:

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