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Dr. Josh and Christi Straub

Parenting: Getting 'It' Right with Sandra Stanley

January 19, 2023   ●   38 min

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Am I getting parenting right? That's a question that crosses our mind quite often. Which makes anyone who decides to write a book with so bold a title as Parenting: Getting it Right, either have a lot of courage or be out of their mind.

Fortunately, Pastor Andy Stanley and his wife Sandra (authors and founders of North Point Ministries), who bravely wrote such a title, have parented successfully! Sandra joins us this week to talk to Josh about their experience as parents of now three grown children.

Sandra and Josh talk about:
  • What "it" actually means
  • The four seasons of parenting
  • Why behavior modification is not the goal, but relationship is
  • Ways to adapt your words and approach with your kids specific to their personality
  • How to reflect Jesus as your kids mirror your behavior
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