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  • Chess Board 3 Chess Board 3
    At long last, Chess Board 3 (woot!). Sorry it took so long (almost four months!) but after a while, it's here! Enjoy, and please comment!
    nvz2011-04-01T17:22:38488 views00:05:48
  • Kingdom Hearts- Cut Kingdom Hearts- Cut
    Vid for Cut (Bronleewe And Bose Mix)by Plumb. Enjoy! nvz2011-02-27T13:32:03785 views00:06:08
  • Kingdom Hearts- In My ShoesKingdom Hearts- In My Shoes
    Vid for In My Shoes by Polarboy. Enjoy!nvz2011-02-11T07:10:28606 views00:05:00
  • Kingdom Hearts Techno Tribute 2Kingdom Hearts Techno Tribute 2
    Another KH techno tribube. Song is Blue Saturation by Mike Rittenhouse. Enjoy!nvz2011-02-02T21:30:32583 views00:08:32
  • Kingdom Hearts- CollideKingdom Hearts- Collide
    Video for Collide by Skillet. Enjoy!nvz2011-02-01T16:21:01947 views00:05:38
  • Kingdom Hearts- ChangeKingdom Hearts- Change
    This video was fun to make! Song is Change (Mind Mix) by Sherreece. Enjoy! nvz2011-01-17T00:45:06455 views00:04:51
  • Kingdom Hearts- Looking for AngelsKingdom Hearts- Looking for Angels
    Song= Looking For Angels by Skillet. Enjoy, and please comment!nvz2011-01-17T00:25:05535 views00:04:40
  • Kingdom Hearts- One WorldKingdom Hearts- One World
    One World by Toby Mac, from the Portable Sounds album. Please rate and comment! And, most of all, enjoy!nvz2011-01-17T00:10:10800 views00:04:16
  • Kingdom Hearts Techno TributeKingdom Hearts Techno Tribute
    Kingdom Hearts Tribute; song is Sun, by Virus. Made by Naomi Zebro. Enjoy! Please rate and comment!nvz2010-12-23T22:03:55560 views00:04:01
  • Chess Board 2Chess Board 2
    The sequel to Chess Board. Made with Paint and Windows Movie Maker. Please rate and commentnvz2010-12-10T20:26:02588 views00:03:01
  • Kingdom Hearts - Forget and Not Slow DownKingdom Hearts - Forget and Not Slow Down
    Music Video for Forget and Not Slow Down by Relient K. Made with Windows Movie Maker 2.0. I do not own Kingdom Hearts. Clips from khvids.net. Please comment, but nothing negitive, please.nvz2010-12-03T19:14:01655 views00:03:56
  • Kingdom Hearts- If You Believe MeKingdom Hearts- If You Believe Me
    Music Video for If You Believe Me by Relient K. Made with Windows Movie Maker 2.0. I do not own Kingdom Hearts.nvz2010-11-29T21:40:49773 views00:03:36
  • Kingdom Hearts- Still HereKingdom Hearts- Still Here
    Music Video for Still Here by Superchick (it's in their Reinvention album). Made with Windows Movie Maker 2.0. Please comment, but nothing negitive, please.nvz2010-11-27T11:55:45850 views00:03:27
  • Kingdom Hearts- BlindKingdom Hearts- Blind
    Video for Blind by Klank; made with Windows Movie Maker 2.0. Clips are from khvids.net, and the lyrics can be found here (you won't understand the video very well without the lyrics): nvz2010-11-27T00:50:44646 views00:04:12
  • Chess Board Chess Board
    My first animated video, so please go easy on me . . . The story- a guy goes to a chess club to play a game. All the voices and drawings are by me, and the music is from the My Music folder on my mom's laptop. Until now I didn't even know that mus...nvz2010-10-16T18:10:02623 views00:02:36