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  • "Captivate Us" Dance - Prg#33TP-dance
    Words & music: Watermark. Dance & choreography: Rachel Jerome. Shalom Hebraic Christian Congregation. www.shalomtoyou.orgshalomcongregation2008-03-17T00:00:0025,643 views00:05:16
  • "What If""What If"
    Join the dancers of Shalom Hebraic Christian Congregation as they worship Jehovah. Music by Nicole Nordeman. Visit our website: www.shalomtoyou.orgshalomcongregation2008-03-17T00:00:004,453 views00:04:34
  • Anointed signing worship at G.L.T.Anointed signing worship at G.L.T.
    Tiffo leads the youth of Greater Life Tabernacle in a song of worship done in signlanguage. And if you can't feel the anointing and the fire of the Holy Ghost coming off these youth as they worship then your wood is wet. This is U.P.C.I. Apostolic...marxamax2010-10-01T22:21:447,471 views00:06:38
  • "Joy" dance & choregraphy by Rachel Jerome"Joy" dance & choregraphy by Rachel Jerome
    Experience the dance ministry and choreography of Rachel Jerome. "Joy" by Sean Feuchtshalomcongregation2010-10-01T22:25:455,852 views00:04:36
  • Same-Sex Marriage, Smith College & Rev. John RankinSame-Sex Marriage, Smith College & Rev. John Rankin
    Smith College, February 5, 2004, with John Rankin of the Theological Education Institute ( & and Amy Hunt of the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus (,083 views00:09:14
  • Amazing Dance - Man Without Leg and Woman Without ArmAmazing Dance - Man Without Leg and Woman Without Arm
    Wow! This is incredible! A woman without an arm and a man without a leg combine together to perform this beautiful and powerful dance. God truly has a plan for everyone. What is holding you back in life and how can you use it for good? God bless!sand2rock952010-10-01T23:27:44904,623 views00:05:17