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  • Class8_Science_Force and Pressure_ForceClass8_Science_Force and Pressure_Force
    Force is a kind of push or a pull on an object. The interaction of one object with another results in a force between the two objects. If a force acts on an object in the direction of its motion, then the object moves faster. If a force acts on an...nexteduvideos2013-03-11T06:19:041,028 views00:19:06
  • Class9_Science_First Law of MotionClass9_Science_First Law of Motion
    An object by its own does not change its state of rest or uniform motion. This inability of any object to change its state is called inertia. Newton's first law of motion gives the concept of inertia and force. According to the law, any object in ...nexteduvideos2013-03-11T02:44:041,287 views00:09:27
  • Class9_Science_Atoms and MoleculesClass9_Science_Atoms and Molecules
    In any chemical reaction, the total mass of the substance before and after the reaction is the same although its matter undergoes a physical change.
    law of definite proportions :
    "In a chemical substance the elements are always present i...
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  • Class9_Science_Animal tissuesClass9_Science_Animal tissues
    Types of Animal Tissues include epithelial tissue, connective tissue, muscular tissue and nervous tissue.Epithelial tissues form a protective layer. Different types of epithelial tissues are classified based on their shape and function. Squamous e...nexteduvideos2013-03-09T05:49:042,008 views00:13:18
  • Class 10,Science,The Human EyeClass 10,Science,The Human Eye
    Eye is the most important organ of our body. It consists of a tough fibrous membrane called sclera that protects the internal parts of the eye. Cornea is the membrane covering the front of the eye that is bulged out and is responsible for the maxi...nexteduvideos2013-03-09T04:44:055,681 views00:29:17
  • Class9_Maths_Cartesian PlaneClass9_Maths_Cartesian Plane
    A Cartesian plane, named after the mathematician Rene Descartes, is a plane with a rectangular coordinate system that associates each point in the plane, with an ordered pair. The horizontal line XOX' is the and the vertical line YOY' is the . The...nexteduvideos2013-03-09T04:24:04596 views00:12:56
  • Class9_Maths_An Experimental ApproachClass9_Maths_An Experimental Approach
    Probability is defined as the likelihood or chance of something occurring. It is widely used in the study of mathematics, statistics, gambling, physical science, Biological science, weather forecasting, finance etc. to draw conclusions.
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  • Class 10,Science,Refraction By Spherical LensesClass 10,Science,Refraction By Spherical Lenses
    Lenses are the most used things in optical devices like microscopes and telescopes. Bi-convex and bi-concave lenses are the most popular ones in use among school labs. Lenses use the phenomenon of refraction of light to form images.

    nexteduvideos2013-03-05T23:24:043,683 views00:13:58
  • Class 10,Science,Modern Periodic TableClass 10,Science,Modern Periodic Table
    Atomic number is the basis for modern periodic table. Atomic number is the number of protons in the nucleus, it is also equal to the number of electrons in the atom.
    Electronic configuration is the arrangement of electrons in an atom around i...
    nexteduvideos2013-03-05T06:14:124,315 views00:16:14
  • Class 10,Math,Tangent to a CircleClass 10,Math,Tangent to a Circle
    A straight line intersects a circle at one or two point. The tangent to a circle is a line that touches the circle at one point. Secant intersects the circle at two points. The point at which the straight line touches the circle is called the poin...nexteduvideos2013-03-05T04:54:121,812 views00:09:31
  • Class 10,Math,General termClass 10,Math,General term
    We come across various patterns in our daily life. Arithmetic Progression in short AP is a sequence of numbers or terms in which each term except the first term is obtained by adding a fixed number or constant to the preceding term. This constant ...nexteduvideos2013-03-05T04:24:14678 views00:14:40
  • Class6,Science,The Living Organisms And Their Surroundings,Habitat and AdaptationClass6,Science,The Living Organisms And Their Surroundings,Habitat and Adaptation
    Livings things exist in most places. Life exists even in open volcanoes. The term habitat refers to the surroundings where organisms live. Every habitat is home for a certain living creature. Habitat includes both living and non-living components....nexteduvideos2013-03-05T02:44:128,728 views00:22:39
  • Class8_Maths_Cubes and Cube RootsClass8_Maths_Cubes and Cube Roots
    If a and b are two natural numbers such that a3 = b, then b is called the cube of a.
    If the units digit of a3 is b, then the cubes of all numbers ending with a will have their units digit as b.
    The cubes of all numbers that end in 2 have...
    nexteduvideos2013-03-05T02:29:12559 views00:17:04
  • Class6,Science,Motion And Measurement of Distances,Transportation and DistancesClass6,Science,Motion And Measurement of Distances,Transportation and Distances
    Before the invention of the wheel, the only means of transportation was walking. For transporting goods, people used animals like donkeys, horses, mules, elephants, oxen, sled dogs, and even bison. Boats were also used as a means of transportation...nexteduvideos2013-03-05T01:14:146,465 views00:18:14
  • Class7_Science_Respiration in Organisms_RespirationClass7_Science_Respiration in Organisms_Respiration
    The cells in our body perform functions like growth, excretion, reproduction, etc. A cell needs
    energy to perform these functions. The food we take in is converted into glucose by the digestive system.
    The cells of living organisms require a con...
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  • Class6,Science,Electricity And Circuits,Electric Cell and Torch BulbClass6,Science,Electricity And Circuits,Electric Cell and Torch Bulb
    An electric cell provides electricity to various devices that are not directly fed by the supply of electricity.

    Electric Cell
    An electric cell consists of two terminals. One is a positive terminal and the other one is a negative t...
    nexteduvideos2013-03-04T23:54:125,209 views00:06:47