Favorite 10 Christian Metal Songs Of All Time

Christian metal is one of the best forms of music and it also has more categories in it than any other music (ex. thrash metal, doom metal, power metal, death metal etc.)  With all of these types of metal, it was very difficult to make a list that is solid.  This list will cover many types of metal and different bands of course!  Here are my personal favorite 10 Christian metal songs ever!  Enjoy!

10. Stryper – To Hell With The Devil

Favorite Lyric – “When things are going wrong you know who to blame.  He will always live up to his name.  He’s never been the answer.  There’s a better way!  We are here to rock you and to say…TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL!”

9. August Burns Red – Meddler

Favorite Lyric – “We'll feed our flame before wasting time on everyone else's, with more problems and less pride.  We'll feed our flame before wasting time on everyone else's, the gallows were not supposed to look like this.”

8. Fit For A King – Hollow King (Sound Of The End)

Favorite Lyric – “I never thought that I would end up like this, where I’d be meeting You in the end, standing face to face and eye to eye with the One who took everything!”

7. Tourniquet – Broken Chromosomes

Favorite Lyric – “Men fail me but the Son of God saves!”

6. Becoming The Archetype – "Requiem Aeternam" (All 3 parts)

Favorite Lyric – “All the earth is silent.  The universe has shifted.  Creation holds its breath as the curse is lifted.”

5. Project 86 – One Armed Man (Play On)

Favorite Lyric – “Zombies staring, looking my way, crying out for something, they can't fill their stomachs with enough to satisfy the hunger growing…Needing something real!  Needing something real!  Needing something, needing something, NEEDING SOMETHING REAL!  Zombies staring, looking my way, crying out for something they can't feel!”

4. Theocracy – Laying The Demon To Rest

Favorite Lyric – “As the battle rages on and on I face the things that put my faith to the test.  When fallen angels won't leave me alone, Father, come and lay the demon to rest.  When my sword has broken off in my hand, I see the dark futility of the flesh.  When I'm about to fall, please help me stand.  Father, come and lay the demon to rest.”

3. Golden Resurrection – Identity In Christ

Favorite Lyric – “Looking for pure love; aiming for the truth that lasts forever.  I’m moving on (I’m moving on).  I’m moving on with Spirit!  You gave me love; I found my identity (found my identity).  I’m moving on (I’m moving on).  I’m moving on with Spirit!  You gave me hope; I found my identity in Christ!”

2. Impending Doom – Death, Ascension, Resurrection

I know this is kind of their “black sheep” of albums, but it is one of my favorites!  The lyrics are so powerful on this album!

Favorite Lyric – “Who do you say I am?  I am the Alpha, Omega, beginning and end.  If only you understood you'd know that the heart is a treasure from heaven.  Death, ascension, resurrection!  Now look what I've become.  Proclaiming His Name and looking down the barrel of a gun.  I'm in this for life!”

Bonus Lyric – “Are we, trapped in division and unbelief, forever, separated by our hatred?  Follow Him to the Kingdom of Heaven, where pain and suffering cease to exist!”

1. Living Sacrifice – Reborn Empowered

This song literally changed my life back in 1997.  Long live the One True KING!!!  Here are the lyrics for the whole song!


Reborn empowered; All strongholds broken
Old ways have died; Given new life
Boldness engulfs my every word; Strength empowered by God
Jesus, The strength in Christ's name
Power, all knees must bow
Same spirit that dwells in us, Raised Him from the dead
This gift freely given, You will believe
Evil, it's plan to deceive,
Manipulation, deception we bind
Rebirth, confession, That He is God, Almighty
Reborn empowered; All strong holds broken
Old ways have died; Given new life
Rebirth, confess, our Lord!


These are my favorite 10 Christian metal songs ever!  We all have our own favorites that have helped us along life’s journey.  Other bands that have made an impact on me are Extol, Oh Sleeper, For Today, Phineas, Gideon, War Of Ages, Wolves At The Gate, Demon Hunter, Inhale/Exhale, The Devil Wears Prada, Mortification and the list goes on and on. Please let me know what some of your favorite bands and songs are!  God bless! 

Article by Derek Hill

I am a Christian blogger with passions in music, games and news. I enjoy all kinds of music, with my favorite being Christian metal(all kinds). Some of my favorite bands are The Devil Wears Prada,  Living Sacrifice(1997-present), and Becoming the Archetype. I enjoy many kinds of games including 1st/3rd person shooters, platformers, RPG’s and many more. I am a big fan of the multiplayer online games including the Call of Duty franchise of games. I have been saved since I was 9 years old. I am also a father of 2 beautiful children and I love it!