Charisma House Author Karen Jensen Salisbury Promotes Books At ICRS 2014

Author, Bible teacher and speaker Karen Jensen Salisbury recently attended the 2014 International Christian Retail Show (ICRS) held in Atlanta to promote her current release, Why God Why? What To Do When Life Doesn't Make Sense, as well as pre-promote her upcoming book, How To Make The Right Decision Every Time, due out January 2015 from Charisma House. 

While at the conference, Jensen Salisbury met with and/or was interviewed by numerous media outlets and ministries, including Life Today, Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson, and more. Additionally, the current issue of Charisma magazine hit the streets during the conference featuring an article written by Jensen Salisbury titled "What Not To Wear: Another Look At Modesty." Jensen Salisbury also was a guest on the Charisma bus, where she met with Steven Strang, founder and CEO of Charisma Media, Woodley Auguste, V.P. of Marketing at Charisma House and Tessie DeVore, Executive V.P. of Charisma House.

"I had a great time at ICRS this year," Jensen Salisbury says. "There were wonderful interviews to promote both my current book, Why God Why: What To Do When Life Doesn't Make Sense, and to talk about my upcoming book How To Make The Right Decision Every Time, coming out in Jaunuary 2015. I met some terrific new people and got to see some dear long-time friends too--I love it when God makes divine connections happen. What a great show!"

ICRS, featuring approximately 300 exhibits, brings together more than 2,000 attendees and exhibitors from the United States and more than 50 countries. The most recent show was held June 22-25 at the Georgia Congress Center.

About Why God Why?:

When Karen Jensen Salisbury's 37-year-old husband, Brent Jensen, died suddenly, the mother of two sons had questions. In Why God Why?, Jensen Salisbury writes about her personal experience, the questions she asked and what happened next.

Why God Why?, Jensen Salibury's debut from Charisma House, is designed to give hurting people hope, help them move from doubting God to believing Him, and get past the pain to a life of purpose and joy.

"I'm so excited to share what God has done for me in the midst of heartache, and what He absolutely wants to do for others as well," says Jensen Salisbury. "You may have heard people say, 'Don't question God,' but I don't agree with that. He already knows you're asking the questions in your head. You can't scare Him--He's heard them all before! Besides, He loves you. He's your Father, so ask Him!"

The book serves as a guide through the process of asking questions and then moving past the pain. "It's about changing your thinking and letting God love you," says Jensen Salisbury. "It's about hope, and reclaiming your life!"

A number of Jensen Salisbury's colleagues have endorsed the book.

"The crises of life come to us all. What is important is knowing what to do in the crisis. The answer is God's Word and knowing how to apply it in your case. Karen Jensen (Salisbury) knows the Word and does the Word. Her easily understood wisdom can help you understand, as well as helping you to benefit others," says Billye Brim, author (The Blood and the Glory) and Bible teacher.

"Karen doesn't just talk the talk, but she has walked the walk. She shares from her own journey--a journey that is full of inspiration and rich instruction. I invite you to learn from her experiences and insights. You'll be glad you did," says Tony Cooke, author (Grace: The DNA of God) and Bible teacher.

"When your life is full of questions, Karen gives you lots of practical and biblical tools to help you get 'unstuck.' It's easy to read and full of faith--I really like this book!" says Patsy Cameneti, author (Secrets to Powerful Prayer) and Bible teacher.

Why God Why? is available at major retailers, including Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and Amazon. For more information about Jensen Salisbury and Why God Why?, visit  or