10 Best Christian Metal Male Vocalists

Christian metal is by far my favorite genre of music!  I love the hard hitting breakdowns, double bass, lightning fast solos and fierce growls that motivate me to live life and make an impact in the world for Christ.  There are tons of amazing bands out there and this article is dedicated to the guys on the frontline belting out sick screams, growls and lyrics for us all to enjoy!  Here are 10 of the best Christian male vocalists and some of my favorite lyrics they have screamed, growled or sang!

10. Peter Espevoll, Extol

Favorite lyric – “Embraced by the spirit of life, accepting the sacrifice that fills my heart with true love.  The only way to be whole.” (Embraced, Burial)

9. Tom Green, Sleeping Giant

Favorite lyric – “I’m broken.  The Lord, our justice is one.  I bow my head to the king in submission as His words are spoken.  The peace of heaven reigns.  Salvation is our banner.  I will not surrender to the power of darkness.  All my fear has vanished in the presence of heaven.” (Dead Men Walking, Kingdom Days In An Evil Age)

8. Ryan Kirby, Fit For A King

Favorite lyric – “I will not wait for the flame to consume me.  I won't let hate flow through these bones.  I never thought that I would end up like this, where I'd be meeting You in the end, standing face to face and eye to eye with the One who took everything.” (Hollow King, Creation/Destruction)

7. Leroy Hamp, War Of Ages

Favorite Lyric – “All consuming fire burn!  Straight to the heart God give me strength.  River of life, flow through my veins.  I exalt Your name.  Hold on to me.  I'll never let go.  Consume me Lord.” (All Consuming Fire, Arise And Conquer)

6. Micah Kinard, Oh Sleeper

Favorite lyric – “It makes me sick that it's hard to distinguish an honest leader who preaches a cause that's not made, and not based on the profit they'll receive from telling the world.  What line divides you from the seeders who sow without growing believers?  You point and you judge, forgetting that their faith is molded by your lead.” (In The Wake Of Pigs, Children Of Fire)

5. Jake Luhrs, August Burns Red

Favorite lyric – “The walls of a church don't make it holy.  It's what's authentic that completes the sum of its parts.  Don't excuse yourself from life today on the pretense of your past.  You're hurt.  You're broken.  That's alright.  This might be what it takes to wake you up.”(Existence, Constellations)

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4. Sean McCulloch, Phinehas

Favorite lyric – “I'd rather die than just sit back and watch you hurt.  Tired brothers, loving sisters, to all those who have had enough, your fight isn't over; you're going to press on.  To a loveless generation born to be an impending resurgence, let all those who dwelt in dust be born in the light of the guilt you crush.” (Out Of Dust, The Last Word Is Yours To Speak)

3. Mike Hranica, The Devil Wears Prada

Favorite Lyric – “This is the faith complex.  Try not to write another disappointing letter to integrity.  Only go faster when you've stopped and thought.  Only go slower when you've learned of wisdom.  Everything is a question of goodwill, but we're too busy delivering answers with arrogance.  Isn't it funny how one's compassion diminishes when his or her own perils rise?” (Sassafras, With Roots Above And Branches Below)

2. Ryan Clark, Demon Hunter

Favorite Lyric – “Tearing through these days I find the tolerance to strive and push on.  I know what lies beyond this life for me is already won.  No one can take away the blood that covers over my fall.  Without the blood of perfect life I know I'm nothing at all.  So now I reign forever hallowed in eternity's hand.  No man can shake me from the everlasting ground that I stand.” (Undying, Triptych)

1. Brook Reeves, Impending Doom

Brook Reeves is by far the best Christian metal vocalist to me!  His screams and growls are limitless!  And he writes from the heart!  His lyrics are inspiring and he pulls no punches either.  He says exactly what God has laid on his heart to say and he gets better with every album!

Favorite Lyric – “You have strength.  You are love.  You have compassion and You have mercy.  You have wisdom.  You are ambitious.  You have life and You are worthy.  You're a man.  You're a lion.  You are honest and You're important.  You are holy and when You speak Your words will shake the foundations of the earth!  You are my beloved!” (My Blood, Death Will Reign)

Bonus Lyric – “Who do you say I am?  I am the Alpha, Omega, beginning and end.  If only you understood you’d know that the heart is a treasure from Heaven.  Death, ascension, resurrection, now look what I’ve become.  Proclaiming His Name and looking down the barrel of a gun!  I’m in this for life!” (Death Ascension Resurrection, Baptized In Filth)


These are the top 10 Christian metal vocalists to me!  Everyone on this list is amazing and there are so many others that have done great work for the kingdom.  God bless you all!

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